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As Gordon Ramsay debuts on Bank Balance, UK quiz show hosts ranked!

Could Gordon learn a few things for the quizmaster in our top spot?

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Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance hits our screens tonight (February 24), but does he have what it takes to make it into our quiz show hosts hall of fame?

Yes, here at ED! we’re counting down our top quiz show hosts of current times.

With everyone from Bradley Walsh to Warwick Davis, does your favourite make our list?

gordon Ramsay's bank balance
What did you think of Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance? (Credit: BBC)

10. Gordon Ramsay

We’ve put the fiery chef with the foul mouth in 10th place purely because we don’t have much evidence to warrant a place further up the list.

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He’s on screen tonight with his new show, Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance.

And, while he can most definitely cook a decent coq au vin, the jury’s out on his quiz show presenting prowess!

Jeremy Clarkson on millionaire
We’d be hoping for a motoring question for our ask the host lifeline on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Credit: ITV)

9. Jeremy Clarkson

Mean and moody and the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Clarkson makes our list because if we end up on the show, we’d want him on side for the ask the host lifeline.

That, and he has access to a chequebook with a million pound limit, of course…

8. Warwick Davis

Actor turned quiz show host Warwick is back on screens with a new series of ITV’s Tenable.

We love him because he’s entirely unafraid to tell contestants they’re entirely rubbish – sometimes more than once during each round!

We love Warwick for his open, honest, no-nonsense presenting style – and the fact that it’s almost as if he reads our minds at times when we’re barking our frustrations at the screen.

Warwick Davis on tenable
Warwick Davis tells it how it is on Tenable (Credit: ITV)

7. Phillip Schofield

There’s nothing square about the quiz show host in the number seven spot – enter the one and only Phillip Schofield.

Presenting solo, without This Morning pal Holly Willoughby, Schofe does a sterling job on The Cube.

Wall! Drop ’em!

He could propel himself up the list were he to don the Body’s white suit and try out a few of the games himself!

6. Gino D’Acampo

Ahhh the lovely Gino made his quiz show presenting debut on ITV’s Family Fortunes last year.

He followed in the footsteps of illustrious hosts such as Vernon Kay and Les Dennis and brought his own brand of fantastico humour to the show.

We mostly love him for the answers that are a little lost in translation on Gino – and for his often flirty antics with the female contestants!

Please sir, can we have some more?

ben shephard on tipping point
Ben Shephard dishes out the hugs on Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

5. Ben Shephard

Is there nothing that hunk of a man Ben Shephard can’t do?

He puts a spring in our step on Good Morning Britain at the start of the day and is there to round it off on Tipping Point.

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Unafraid to show his human side, we love the fact that Ben can’t help but snigger – and erupt into full-on laugher – at contestants’ more absurd answers.

Pre-COVID, we’d have also liked one of his lovely hugs during the final round!

Danny dyer on the wall
The lovely Danny’s just outside the top three (Credit: BBC)

4. Danny Dyer

“Wall! Drop ’em!”

Danny Dyer has successfully transitioned from EastEnders landlord to quiz show host with the most.

His iconic one-liners and brilliant put-downs – John Barnes, we’re talking about you – have us in hysterics.

The only thing stopping Danny from entering the top three is his lack of lockdown haircut – chop it off instead of slicking it back and you’ll replace Stephen Mulhern, Danny!

Stephen mulher on catchphrase
Stephen’s made our list for a trio of gameshows he hosts (Credit: ITV)

3. Stephen Mulhern

Stephen’s made the top three for three shows – Catchphrase, the brilliant In For A Penny and Saturday Night Takeaway.

And, before the complaints flood in, he hosts the Ant versus Dec segment where they compete against each other. So there!

More than that, last weekend he did it in tight gold hot pants.

No further explanation needed.

Michael McIntyre on the wheel
He’s new to quizzes but Michael McIntyre has entirely won us over (Credit: BBC)

2. Michael McIntyre

When The Wheel started late last year, we must admit, we weren’t entirely sure about it.

However, the catchy theme tune has grown on us and we love the fact there are different celebrity experts on it every episode.

But the thing we love most is the host.

Michael McIntyre is nothing short of brilliant on the show – as evidenced by the fact that one celebrity guest even revealed that much of the show is largely unscripted.

When is the new series, BBC?!

Bradley walsh on the chase
No other quiz show host even comes close to Bradley (Credit: ITV)

1. Bradley Walsh

There really is no other quiz show host we could put in the number one spot other than Bradley Walsh.

The man can do no wrong.

Whether he’s fronting The Chase, its celebrity spin-off of the newer Beat The Chasers show, Bradders offers a quiz show presenting masterclass each and every time he’s on the box.

A worthy winner, we think you’ll agree?

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