Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard and Grace

Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard cringes after contestant’s ‘ridiculous’ Three Little Pigs blunder

She didn't do well at all

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Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard welcomed four new contestants into the studio on Thursday afternoon.

And one of the hopefuls on the quiz show, Grace, stumbled into a “ridiculous” blunder during a question about the children’s story Three Little Pigs.

Presenter Ben Shephard asked the Tipping Point hopefuls a question about the Three Little Pigs (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Tipping Point?

ITV host Ben asked: “In which children’s story does a wolf say, ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff…'”

Grace buzzed in before he could finish the question, but she couldn’t think of the answer.

“Ohh, Grace!” said Ben, cringing over the error.

Tipping Point
Hopeful Grace was gutted when she got it wrong (Credit: ITV)

Grace’s ‘ridiculous’ blunder

“I know it, I read it to my grandchildren, that’s ridiculous,” she said, gutted.

Ben continued: “‘…and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in’. It is the Three Little Pigs, I’m afraid.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t over for Grace yet, as she got a question about playing cards correct and won some cash for her prize pot – but struggled with another about time.

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Tipping Point presenter Ben asked: “Two full days is equivalent to how many hours?”

Grace buzzed in with, “96!” before realising the mistake and saying, “Ohh, 48…”

However, Ben told her: “Grace I’m sorry, you’re wrong, I have to accept your first answer.”

After that, Grace struggled to catch up with the other players and she became the first contestant to leave.

Grace was the first of the contestants to go (Credit: ITV)

What did Tipping Point viewers say?

On Twitter, her bad luck shocked viewers, some of whom agreed with her that the blunders had been “ridiculous”.

One viewer said: “Grace has lost her head! #tippingpoint.”

I wouldn’t bother pressing the buzzer again if I were you Grace.

Another demanded: “#tippingpoint Grace! WTF?”

A third put: “Grace that is ridiculous love #TippingPoint.”

A fourth tweeted, with shocked face emojis: “[bleep] sake Grace! #tippingpoint.”

A fifth put: “Grace has had a [right] meltdown, bless her #TippingPoint.”

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“I wouldn’t bother pressing the buzzer again if I were you Grace,” joked a sixth.

Someone else quipped: “Grace didn’t say ‘I’ve had a lovely day’ I wonder why… YOU HUMILIATED YOURSELF ON NATIONAL TV! #tippingpoint.”

Ben Shephard, star of GMB
Ben’s on ITV with Tipping Point every weekday at 4pm (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Contestant’s unusual plans for prize money

It follows yesterday’s episode in which one contestant stunned Ben when she revealed her unusual plan for spending her prize money.

Heidi, who was the winner on Wednesday (February 17), said she intended to use the cash to buy an ice cream van. She won more than enough, as she went home with the £10k jackpot.

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