Tipping Point Ben Shephard and Pat

Tipping Point: Ben Shephard congratulates contestant on win but her reaction confuses viewers

The retired primary school teacher made it to the final round

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard welcomed a new raft of contestants into the studio on Tuesday, and the winner’s reaction to her prize left some viewers baffled.

During yesterday (February 16) afternoon’s episode of the ITV game show, retired teacher Pat was up against fellow contestants Phil, an IT analyst; Megan, a sports student; and Christian, a sales assistant.

Pat got to the final round in Tuesday’s Tipping Point (Credit: ITV)

What did Pat say to Tipping Point host Ben Shephard?

Pat made it to the final round and Ben asked her: “If we were to get the jackpot counter out, what would you like to do with the money?”

Pat beamed as she explained: “Well, conservatory is on the list, but also a revamped kitchen, so… and I’ve got a big birthday coming up in September, a very big one. So it will go towards the meal.”

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Ben replied: “Well we’d be thrilled to bits if we could send you home with that money, Pat.”

Ben congratulated Pat on walking away with £2,500 (Credit: ITV)

Over the course of the final round, Pat built her prize pot to £2,500.

But in the end, she decided to play it safe and walk away with what she had, rather than risk going for the jackpot counter and potentially going home with nothing.

As ITV presenter Ben congratulated her on the win, Pat smiled. However, she looked serious as she said she was very happy with the win.

Some viewers thought Pat didn’t seem that pleased (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say?

And on Twitter, some viewers expected someone who had just won £2,500 to look more pleased.

One joked: “She says she’s very happy with two and a half grand, but has forgotten to let her face know…”

Does Pat actually want to be here?

Another tweeted: “Really enjoyed yourself, tell the face.#tippingpoint.”

A third wrote, with a confused GIF: “#tippingpoint Great fun?”

A fourth wondered: “Does Pat actually want to be here?”


Others congratulated the contestant on her win.

One Twitter user said: “Nice lass, well done for the dosh #tippingpoint.”

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Someone else tweeted: “Pat takes the £2500, a lovely amount, hope she had a good big birthday with that. #tippingpoint.”


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