Tipping Point (Credit: ITV Hub)

Tipping Point viewers infuriated by finalist’s ‘one counter question’ strategy

Those watching at home were not happy at all

Tipping Point fans were left incensed by one quiz player’s approach during the episode that aired yesterday (February 12).

Unimpressed viewers vented their frustration on social media as a contestant took a cautious approach during the final round.

Alison had outlasted her quiz rivals to be in with a chance of bagging the £10,000 Tipping Point jackpot.

But many of those watching at home were stunned to see her pursue a “one counter” policy at the last stage of the game.

Tipping Point (Credit: ITV Hub)
Tipping Point contestant Alison pursued a ‘one counter’ approach (Credit: ITV Hub)

Tipping Point fans blast ‘one counter? Go home’

Mum-of-three Alison admitted answering questions on sport was least likely to prove successful for her.

And so she decided to wager only one counter on her success – ensuring she faced an easy question.

One counter? Go home.

As it turned out, Alison got the correct answer to the question about tennis she was posed without difficulty.

But many viewers were incandescent that she wouldn’t back herself more convincingly in the final.

Tipping Point contestant
Alison got her question right (Credit: ITV Hub)

How Tipping Point fans reacted to the ‘one counter’ tactic

“One bloody counter. What’s the point?” fumed one person on Twitter.

Another exasperated viewer tweeted: “Does a one counter question even exist?”

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A third person huffed: “I mean, who asks for a one counter question in the final?”

“I honestly don’t get why anyone would choose to go for one bloody counter!” moaned a fourth viewer.

Yet another person suggested Alison should have just gone for the full set of counters anyway.

“One counter! If you’re not good at sport, go for a guess for three!” they wrote.

And somebody else demanded: “One counter? Go home.”

Tipping Point (Credit: ITV Hub)
Easy money! (Credit: ITV Hub)

Other angry onlookers joked Alison’s approach was beyond the pale of acceptable behaviour.

“One counter automatically puts you at the back of the queue for a vaccine shot in my book #TippingPoint,” tweeted one person.

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And another joked: “Imagine you’ve just started dating someone and then realise they once went for one counter on #TippingPoint.”

But yet another highly annoyed viewer raged: “One counter, [blank] off you pointless [blank] #tippingpoint.”

Ben Shephard on Tipping Point
Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard seemed impressed, however (Credit: ITV Hub)

Host Ben Shephard was still impressed

Despite Alison’s correct answer and her single counter drop showing initial promise, the effort ultimately proved fruitless.

“Nice!” Alison exclaimed as her counter nudged the jackpot counter.

“Very nice!” quiz master Ben Shephard agreed.

However, the £10k just wasn’t to be, with the jackpot drop remaining elusive.

Instead, and perhaps true to form, Alison played it safe and took the money.

She went home with £3,250.

Tipping Point airs on ITV, weekdays, at 4pm.

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