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Tipping Point host Ben Shephard branded ‘rude’ for laughing at contestant’s wrong answer

He was 'laughing at her, not with her'

Tipping Point host Ben Shephard has been branded “rude” after laughing at a contestant’s wrong answer on the show yesterday (February 11).

Ben was seen in hysterics at contestant Emily’s answer to one of his questions.

And, while many on Twitter also found it funny, some thought Ben’s reaction was really rather cruel.

ben laughing
Ben Shephard couldn’t contain his laughter on Tipping Point yesterday (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Tipping Point yesterday?

Tipping Point host Ben pretty much cried with laughter after one answer from a contestant on the show.

It happened when he posed a question to the four platers and blonde contestant Emily buzzed in to answer.

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Ben asked: “Alan Lane named the publishing company he founded in 1935 after which flightless bird?”

Of course, the answer was Penguin.

Ben is laughing at her, not with her.

But that wasn’t the first thing that came into Emily’s mind.

To roars of laughter from Ben, Emily pressed her buzzer and answered: “Ladybird.”

Ben was left speechless and the other three contestants quickly joined him in bursting into fits of laughter.

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Realising her mistake, Emily said: “Oh no, oh… It’s too late to change now.”

Ben quipped: “Oh Emily, it is too late to change now yes, you have answered, obviously I was looking for a bird not an insect, it was a penguin.”

“Yeah, I get that now,” she replied.

contestant on tipping point
Poor Emily got an answer wrong, with hilarious results (Credit: ITV)

How did Tipping Point viewers react to Ben Shephard laughing?

Many joined Ben and admitted that Emily’s answer was pretty hilarious.

“Emily has gone down in Tipping Point history as providing the most silliest answer,” said one.

Another added: “Can’t stop laughing at poor Emily.”

A third said: “Which flightless bird?” “A Ladybird!” Hard to continue after that!”

“You know you’ve screwed up when even Ben bursts our laughing,” said another.

However, some branded Ben “rude” for his reaction to Emily’s answer.

Posting on Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Ben Shephard [bleep]ing himself laughing at a contestant’s answer… Bit rude.”

“Ben is laughing at her, not with her,” said a second.

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