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Gordon Ramsay: What is Bank Balance about? And when is it on?

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Gordon Ramsay is hosting a brand new game show called Bank Balance on BBC One.

Bank Balance is set to transcend Gordon from an angry chef to a sweary game show host.

But how does the show work? And what has Gordon said about it?

And when does it start?

Get the answers to these questions and more here.

How does Bank Balance work?

Bank Balance is a brand new BBC game show fronted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, 54.

The show works by having couples answer quiz-style questions from Gordon.

bank balance on bbc one
Bank Balance is a brand new game show concept (Credit: BBC)

They’ll also be set strategic challenges.

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Gold bars are then balanced on a wobbling platform.

The contestants have the chance to win up to £100,000 per duo.

What has Gordon said about it?

Gordon has joked about the new show and says we can expect his usual volatile nature.

In the upcoming premiere episode he jokes: “What our contestants need is a fluffy game show host by their side. Well, they’ve got me.”

He’s also teased the show as: “It’s unpredictable, volatile and very, very unstable…sound familiar?”

bank balance bbc
Gordon Ramsay promises swearing and unpredictability on Bank Balance (Credit: BBC)

Whereas while speaking to The Mirror, Gordon says he’s certain the show will prove to be a ratings hit.

He said: “It’s very rare you get a chance to not just present your own show, but be part of that creative team. And that was the bit that got me out of bed every morning at 5am.

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“You look at the success of The Chase, The Wall, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire coming back, there’s ­definitely a need for that kind of connect.”

Is Gordon allowed to swear on Bank Balance?

Gordon is well-known for his profanities and swearing outbursts on television.

Therefore the show has been positioned at the pre-watershed time of 9pm.

Apparently Gordon swears several times on the premiere episode – and even within the first minute.

bank balance gordon ramsay
Gordon winding up a contestant on Bank Balance (Credit: BBC)

When does it start?

Bank Balance starts on Wednesday February 24 at 9pm on BBC One.

How do I apply to be on Bank Balance?

The BBC allows members of the public to apply to be on its game shows, including Bank Balance.

You can find out how to apply here. It is also offering the public the chance to be parts of its virtual audience here.

bank balance
Do you want to be on Bank Balance? (Credit: BBC)

How many children does Gordon have?

Gordon has five children with his wife, Tana, 46.

They share: Megan, 23, Jack, 21, Holly, 21, Matilda, 19 and Oscar who will be two this April.

When did Gordon first become famous?

Gordon first established his award-winning restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, in 1997.

He appeared in several television series as a chef expert in the late 1990’s.

Gordon with his wife and mother of his five children Tana (Credit: SplashNews)

However, he became a household name after he starred in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare in 2004.

This led to a string of similar styled shows in the UK for years to come.

By 2005 he began starring in US adaptions of his hit British shows – that proved to be huge ratings successes.

This included Hell’s Kitchen US, Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef US.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s net worth?

As of 2021, Gordon is estimated to be worth around £157 million.

This comes from his huge success as a restaurateur and television star both in the UK and in the US.

He also has a property empire said to be worth around £20 million.

This includes his multiple homes in Cornwall and London townhouse.

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