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Ant and Dec on I’m A Celeb: Show’s hosts respond to complaints about highlights show

Many found the recap episode 'boring'

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Ant and Dec have responded to I’m A Celeb complaints after ITV showed a highlights show on Saturday night (November 21).

Last night, Brits were shocked to discover that the show wouldn’t contain footage from the previous day.

Instead, it showed the first week’s highlights, as well as footage that hadn’t previously been aired by ITV.

However, viewers were up in arms, with many taking to social media to voice their disgust.

Ant and Dec hosting I'm A Celeb
Ant and Dec made a tongue-in-cheek apology to viewers at the start of the show (Credit: ITV)

What did Brits say about the highlights show?

“We’re in the middle of a lockdown, with nothing to do but watch TV and #ImACeleb put on a recap after one week!” exclaimed one.

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Another said: “A recap episode? it’s only been six days!”

A third posted: “Well that’s disappointing.”

Others appeared to have targeted I’m A Celeb hosts if Ant and Dec‘s announcement at the start of the show was anything to go by.

In fact, some said they were waiting for the boys to explain themselves!

“The UK waiting for Ant and Dec to have a damned good explanation for last night’s episode,” tweeted one, with a gif of lots of grumpy faces.

Ant and Dec hosting I'm A Celeb
The pair promised a “bumper 75-minute” show to make up for last night’s episode (Credit: ITV)

What did Ant and Dec say on I’m A Celeb?

True enough, walking onto set, the boys were ready with their excuses.

Dec said: “Welcome to Wales, where we’ve got a bumper 75-minute show for you, completely live without a highlights package in sight.”

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Ant added: “Thanks for all your messages about last night’s pre-recorded highlights show.”

“It wasn’t just highlights,” Dec butted in, “there was lots of unseen footage.”

We really appreciate the feedback, although I should point out that I can’t medically do that to myself.

Laughing, Ant added: “We really appreciate the feedback, although I should point out that I can’t medically do that to myself.”

How did viewers react to the tongue-in-cheek apology?

The majority of the viewers were thrilled to discover they wouldn’t be watching another highlights show.

“It’s live!!!!” declared one happy viewer.

Another tweeted: “So excited for tonight’s @imacelebrity, finally live and back to normal.”

Some viewers couldn’t resist dishing out a threat or two, though.

“This episode best be AMAZING to make up for yesterday,” tweeted one unhappy viewer.

Another added: “Let’s hope @imacelebrity has more to offer tonight than that total waste of time last night.”

A third agreed: “Hope tonight’s episode of #ImACeleb is better than last nights because I found the recap episode boring!”

I’m A Celebrity airs every night on ITV.

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