Where is Coronation Street set? Weatherfield’s real location

And you can even visit it yourself

The set of Coronation Street is almost as iconic as the show itself. With the cobbled streets, backstreet boozer, and local shops and eateries, you’d never fail to recognise it.

Since the show started in 1960, the set might have moved locations in the real world, but the backdrop has remained the same.

The Rovers Return and the corner shop have always been there. Underworld, the factory owned by Mike Baldwin originally and subsequently taken over by the Connor family, is also a long-standing business.

When the show went to six episodes a week in 2017, the set was expanded to include Victoria Street, which was to open possibilities for a number of new storylines.

Here’s a look at the real location of Corrie.

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Where is Coronation Street filmed?

Lots of action takes place down the Street’s famous ginnel (Credit: ITV)

Since 2014 the show has been filmed at MediaCityUK in Manchester.

The studios sit on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Salford and Trafford.

Prior to this, Corrie was filmed at Granada Studios on Quay Street.

When the show moved homes, a brand new set was built that was an exact replica of the old one.

What will you find on the Coronation Street set?

Rovers Return Corrie Credit: ITV
Everyone’s favourite boozer (Credit: ITV)

Of course, the most famous landmark on the Corrie set is the Rovers Return. It’s been there on the corner since the show started in 1960, when it was run by Annie Walker.

There’s also Roy’s Rolls, run by Roy Cropper, The Kabin, currently run by Rita Tanner, and D&S Alahan’s, the corner shop run by Dev Alahan.

Kevin Webster runs the garage, Webster’s Autocentre, there’s a builder’s yard, the factory, Underworld, and the Bistro run by Robert Preston and Michelle Connor.

Plus, there’s Audrey’s salon, owned by Audrey Roberts and employing Maria Connor, David Platt and Emma Brooker. And not to mention Preston’s Petals, run by Tracy Barlow, and Streetcars owned by her other half Steve McDonald and his mate Tim Metcalfe.

What new businesses were added to Coronation Street in 2014?

Victoria Street Metrolink Corrie Credit: ITV
The tram station is new (Credit: ITV)

When the show went to six episodes a week in 2017, the set was expanded to include nearby Victoria Street.

A tram station was built – the Victoria Street Metrolink, and a police station was needed given all the crimes committed in Weatherfield!

Branded shops arrived too, with Costa Coffee and the Co Op opening branches under the famous Corrie arches.

There’s a tattoo parlour and a snooker hall as well, plus Speed Daal, an urban community garden, and a couple of empty units yet to be taken over.

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Where are Coronation Street’s interiors filmed?

The same place!

Although when the new set was built it was built to a bigger scale than the Granada Studios set, the interiors are still all filmed indoors in studios.

The buildings you see on Coronation Street are just empty fronts.

Can I tour the Coronation Street set?

Victoria Street Corrie Credit: ITV
You can see the new Victoria Street on the tour (Credit: ITV)

Yes! It might be a fictional street, but you can still go and have a behind-the-scenes look at the set itself.

The tour lasts 80 minutes and includes Coronation Street, Rosamund Street and Victoria Street.

It costs £35 per adult or £17.50 per child accompanied by an adult, and as such a lot of filming takes place on the cobbles, availability is strictly limited.

Dates for 2019 have just gone on sale, so book now to avoid missing out!

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