What is wrong with Liv Flaherty in Emmerdale? And how old is actress Isobel Steele?

Isobel has many talents for one so young!

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Liv Flaherty has been a part of Emmerdale since 2016. But exactltly how does Liv fit into the Dingle family and what else iss actress Isobelle Steele gifted at?

Who is Liv Flaherty in Emmerdale?

Liv made her first appearance in Emmerdale in 2016 (Credit: ITV)

Liv is the younger half-sister of Aaron Dingle. She is the daughter of Sandra and Gordon Livesy.

She first appeared in 2016 when she stole Aaron’s wallet in a park, unaware of their connection.

Later, Aaron went to see Sandra and was shocked when Liv answered the door. Sandra revealed to Liv that Aaron was her half-brother.

Liv is Aaron’s half-sister (Credit: ITV)

Aaron and Liv’s dad Gordon sexually abused Aaron when he was a child.

Liv didn’t believe Aaron at first, however she soon realised Gordon was lying about being innocent.

Gordon went to prison and eventually took his own life.

Liv moved in with Aaron when Sandra made the decision to move to Ireland.

What is wrong with Liv? Why does she keep having seizures?

In 2019, Liv had a seizure in the café and doctors were unsure of the cause.

However, it wasn’t the last seizure Liv suffered. She ended up having one in the woods and recently she had one when arguing with Vinny’s dad Paul.

Liv is diagnosed with epilepsy (Credit: ITV)

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Spoilers for this week’s episodes reveal that Liv is diagnosed with epilepsy. But she soon has another seizure and ends up in hospital.

Will she be okay?

Isobel Steele – Her music career

Liv is played by actress Isobel Steele, who is 20 years old. But Isobel isn’t just an actress, she is also a very talented singer and musician.

Last year, she released an EP called Sounds from the Lounge. Isobel even designed the album cover herself.

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She later released another single called In Your Case.

Isobel also designed the cover of the film Pace, which was directed by Aaron Dingle actor Danny Miller.

Isobel and Danny’s friendship

It’s no secret that Isobel and Danny have a close relationship off-screen as well as on-screen.

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The two actors have often described themselves as best friends in social media posts.

At the British Soap Awards in 2018, Isobel won Best Young Actor.

Upon hearing Isobel’s name announced, Danny immediately got to his feet and gave his TV sister a big hug.

During her thank you speech, she gave a special thanks to Danny describing him as “her number one from day one” and her “best mate” on set.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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