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Emmerdale fans excited as Kim Tate blackmails Charity Dingle

Kim wants something from Charity - she just won't tell her what it is

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Kim Tate excited Emmerdale fans as she declared war on Charity Dingle by blackmailing her.

In the ITV soap, the millionaire schemer decided to clash with her former step-daughter-in-law after catching her son Noah burgling her house.

emmerdale charity and noah dingle
Charity fell into Kim’s trap (Credit: ITV)

Kim takes on Charity in Emmerdale

Viewers know Charity was really responsible after Noah saved her from being caught after Mackenzie betrayed her.

But as Charity made a run for it, Noah stayed behind to wipe her prints off the safe.

However he took too long and by the time he was done, both police and Kim were there waiting.

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He made a run for it but was arrested, as Charity watched on doing nothing to intervene.

And last night, she decided against confessing to the crime herself to save Noah from a criminal record – and her family turned against her.

They threatened to disown her if she didn’t save Noah – and Kim heard every word.

Noah was going to get a criminal record because of his mum (Credit: ITV)

Having heard that, Kim rushed off to clear Noah herself and returned to the pub to tell the Dingles what she had done.

She told Charity: “I think the least you can do is get me a drink, especially as I’ve just got your son off the hook.

“Unlike you, I’m gifted with charm. I simply confirmed Noah’s story – that he’s my relative and it was an unplanned visit. A misunderstanding.

“Fortunately for Noah, family actually means something to me.”

As Noah thanked her, she said: “Well at least your son has manners, must be the Tate in him.”

Emmerdale’s Kim Tate takes on Charity Dingle

However, when the Dingles left, Kim revealed her true plan to Charity – she now owed her or Noah would be back in the firing line.

Charity demanded to know why, but Kim told her: “Well, that is the million-dollar question.

“You saw them – they despise you. You hung your own son out to dry.

It’s not the first time Kim Tate and Charity have clashed (Credit: ITV)

“And to top it all, I came in riding to the rescue. It was just too good to miss.

“Well I must say, that thank you was an unexpected treat. That was merely the warm up.

“You see, you owe me, Charity. And whenever I decide I want that debt repaying, probably when you least expect it, I’ll come knocking at your door.”

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Emmerdale fans were overjoyed at the Kim and Charity drama, with one saying: “Charity Dingle vs Kim Tate – 2021 is already looking up #emmerdale.”

“Excited to see what happens next with Kim and Charity… Brilliant scenes! #Vanity #Emmerdale,” said another.

Another said: “Kim taking Charity down a peg #Emmerdale.”

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