Emmerdale: Mackenzie to become Aaron Dingle’s new love interest?

Will Aaron fall for Mack's charms?

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Emmerdale new character Mackenzie made his first appearance back in October. But could he be a potential new love interest for Aaron Dingle?

During his first appearance, Mack and Charity ended up kissing, which eventually led to Charity and Vanessa splitting up.

Recently Mack and Charity have teamed up for a series of robberies and in last night’s episode (Monday, December 28) their plan to rob another delivery lorry went wrong.

After knocking the driver unconscious, the two began to take things off the lorry. But the driver woke up and began to threaten them.

Luckily Charity’s distant cousin Aaron came along and helped Mack and Charity trap the driver in his lorry.

Back at the house, Charity begged Aaron to keep the robbery quiet from the Dingles.

Emmerdale: Could Mack and Aaron get together?

Later, Mack went to see Aaron and thanked him for helping them out.

Mack tried to convince Aaron to get involved in his crimes telling them they could “do something really beautiful together.”

And in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday, December 29) Mack approached Aaron and offered him engine parts to sell through his scrapyard.

Mack wanted Aaron to work with him (Credit: ITV)

However things soon took a turn when Mack started flirting with Aaron.

He said there was something going on between them, but when Aaron brought up Charity, Mack said she wasn’t his type and was just a business partner.

When Mack told Aaron he already dropped the parts at the scrapyard, Mack told Aaron it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Aaron replied saying: “I’m hoping it’s be more than that.”

Charity and Mackenzie have been doing robberies together (Credit: ITV)

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However later, Aaron turned up at Charity’s and gave Mack £10 for the parts, revealing he crushed them and didn’t like being taken for a mug.

Aaron told Charity that Mack flirted with him and Charity was furious. Although Aaron wasn’t impressed with Mackenzie’s attempts, could they end up together?

Aaron and Mackenzie’s relationship history

Aaron was previously married to Robert Sugden. However they recently got divorced as Robert is serving a life sentence in prison.

Recently the scrapyard owner has been spending time with Ben, a kayaking instructor at the HOP.

Emmerdale Kim meets Mack on her return
Mackenzie has made attempts to charm Kim (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile we are unaware of Mackenzie’s dating history. However he has managed to charm Charity and seems to be charming both Kim Tate and Aaron.

Could Aaron and Mackenzie end up together?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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