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Monday 25th May 2020

Emmerdale's Tracy, Leyla and Maya in shock murder twist?

Will Maya pay for her crimes in blood?

Emmerdale viewers are longing for the moment that teacher Maya Stepney will be exposed for what she is - a groomer who has exploited and manipulated schoolboy Jacob Gallagher.

Soap fans know that the moment her disturbing deeds are revealed, her seemingly perfect life will shatter around her and there will be catastrophic consequences.

Maya and Jacob have been having sex since he turned 16 (Credit: ITV)

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And some fans think it won't just be her career and family life in danger of ruination.

They predict her life will be in danger, too...

Emmerdale released a teaser trailer earlier this week, with those who watched it speculating about what the scenes might mean.

Maya in the promo video for upcoming Emmerdale episodes (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

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The new video, shared on Emmerdale's Facebook page, hints at all the drama that is to come from its 'Big Night Out' episode later this month.

Imagine if Tracy and Leyla set out to hurt Maya and end up killing her?!

And it looks like Maya is about to be brought down as she's seen with head wounds, slumped to her knees in front of a mirror.

The look in her eyes suggests she's lost everything. Has she finally been discovered? And who has found her out?

Maya is seen looking bloodied and worse for wear (Credit: ITV)

A tagline appears at the end, which reads: "One night will change everything."

And Emmerdale fans have predicted a huge twist could see Tracy Metcalfe or Leyla Harding KILL Maya.

Viewers know that Leyla is likely to go nuclear when she discovers her teenage son has been groomed by his teacher.

In the video, Leyla is seen smashing a mirror in fury. Has she found out about Maya and attacked her?

Leyla lashes out in rage (Credit: ITV)

While Tracy does NOT appear in the short video, some viewers believe she might take aim at Maya, while another wondered if she and Leyla would team up.

Could Maya be hurt or killed intentionally? Or even accidentally?

One fan wrote: "Imagine if Tracy and Leyla set out to hurt Maya and end up killing her?! #Emmerdale #TheBigNightOut."

Another said: "Imagine if Tracy and Leyla drag Maya's body into the fire #Emmerdale #TheBigNightOut."

Others WANT Tracy to hurt Maya, with one tweeting: "Please destroy Maya, Tracy! #Emmerdale."

The special one-off episode will air later this month, with more to be revealed on Tuesday 16 April.

ITV may also have given fans a little clue by choosing the haunting song Bury A Friend by Billie Eilish in the dramatic trailer.

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