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Sunday 17th November 2019

New Emmerdale video hints Maya is finally exposed

The stylised trailer shows what's coming up

Emmerdale has shared a new video to its Facebook page hinting at all the drama that is to come from their big night out episode this month.

And it looks like Maya is about to be brought down as she's seen looking distraught, dropped to her knees.

As well as Maya, the concept features other characters, looking in the mirror before and after their night out.

The tag line: "One night will change everything" appears at the end.

The promo starts with Victoria Sugden doing her make up in front of a mirror. The reflection staring back at her is looking bedraggled, shaking and shivering. What's happened to her?

Victoria looks shaken (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

A big night out, which we will tell in a very interesting, fresh way. That's really good.

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The dressing table then turns round to see Billy Fletcher getting ready.

The reflection staring back at him is his brother, Ellis Chapman, looking scared and concerned. What's happened between these two now?

Ellis looks fearful (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

The next shot sees Maya, sitting in front of the mirror getting dolled up. But looking back at her is a pained face, with a bloody forehead.

The look in her eyes suggests she's lost everything - has she finally been discovered? And who has found her out?

Maya's mirror image isn't in a good way (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

That question might be answered in the following clip, which sees Leyla looking at herself in the mirror.

Her reflection at first looks the same, however at the very end of the video she smashes the glass. Has she discovered what Maya's been doing with her son, Jacob?

Leyla is mad (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

Emmerdale recently announced the special night out episode, which will be told in a series of flashbacks.

Producer Kate Brooks teased plans for the non-linear storytelling, which centres around a "night out" in which something happens that severely affects those involved.

She told The Irish Sun: "A big night out, which we will tell in a very interesting, fresh way. That's really good.

"It's a night out for some of our characters, and we'll find out a week later what's gone on in that night out in a series of flashbacks."

She continued: "Ostensibly it's 'hey, Emmerdale are out having fun in a club'. But then it will be revealed that it will change some of our characters' lives for good.

"There's a lot of drama involved in that night and, because we're Emmerdale, we're telling it in a kind of different way."

Jacob and Maya's plot is leaving a bad taste in fans' mouths (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Jacob, Maya and David are currently involved in a disturbing grooming storyline, in which Maya has taken advantage of schoolboy Jacob.

Fans will no doubt be pleased if this is the end of the storyline as they have been calling for it to conclude for months.

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