Maya Stepney Jacob Gallagher Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans “switch off” as paedophile Maya Stepney and schoolboy Jacob Gallagher get naked

The teacher took things even further with her pupil...

Emmerdale fans were in for some uncomfortable viewing last night, as paedophile teacher Maya Stepney took things even further with groomed schoolboy Jacob Gallagher.

Viewers “turned over”, complained the soap had “gone too far” and felt “physically sick” by the scenes as Maya and Jacob got naked in his bedroom.

Not family viewing? (Credit: ITV)

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Some even slammed the ITV soap for showing the scenes pre-watershed, and believe the show should have included a warning for viewers.

It’s not the first time the grooming storyline has left soap fans repulsed and horrified.

On Wednesday night (27 February), Maya was seen taking schoolboy Jacob home for some “extra tuition”.

Not the sort of education Maya should be giving Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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The pair were seen kissing in the living room, before Maya took Jacob’s hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom…

Maya, who has been grooming Jacob for months, started unbuttoning his shirt while kissing him on the bed.

As if viewers weren’t already feeling totally grossed out by the progression in their relationship, they then witnessed a topless Jacob attempting to take off Maya’s blouse.

Maya Stepney Jacob Gallagher Emmerdale
So wrong… (Credit: ITV)

The illicit encounter came to an abrupt end, however, when Maya saw a photograph of Jacob with his dad David Metcalfe – her boyfriend.

She told Jacob: “Actually let’s not get too carried away just yet. It could be fun for us to wait a while.

“The more we hold off the more amazing it will be.”

In the “uncomfortable to watch” scenes that followed, Maya then promised Jacob a “night to remember” on his 16th birthday, leading him to buy condoms from the machine in the pub.

And fans were appalled.

One wrote: “I had to turn away at the Jacob and Maya scene. Never had to do that before.”

Another said: “I find the Jacob and Maya storyline very difficult to watch without feeling nauseous. In fact, turned it over to the #OneShow. Unnecessary television and very poor storyline that needs taking off ASAP #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “The Maya and Jacob storyline is so uncomfortable to watch… Can we just skip to when someone finds out?”

“Maya and Jacob is really not the sort of thing I want my kids watching #Familyshow!,” said another, while one more said the show should have had “a trigger warning before”.

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