Emmerdale viewers beg Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle to get together

Jamie's marriage to Andrea has hit a rocky patch after she betrayed him

Viewers of Emmerdale are begging for Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle to get together.

It’s been a rocky Christmas for Jamie as he discovered his wife Andrea and mum Kim were hiding the fact that his daughter Millie may not be his biological child.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Graham and Andrea slept together nine months before Millie’s birth meaning he could be her biological father.

Graham Andrea Emmerdale paternity
Graham and Andrea slept together nine months before Millie was born (Credit: ITV)

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On Christmas Day (December 25 2019) Graham opened the results of the DNA test which revealed there’s no chance he’s Millie’s dad and showed Kim.

But instead of allowing Kim to have a happy Christmas, he went to Home Farm and told Jamie about his and Andrea’s one-night stand nearly six years ago.

Jamie wasn’t happy when he found out Andrea and Graham had slept together (Credit: ITV Hub)

Upset Jamie stormed out and ended up spending the night in the B&B.

In last night’s episode (December 26 2019) Jamie punched Graham and was pulled back by Belle.

Who ships Jamie and Belle?

They later went back to Jamie’s room where he explained the situation.

Belle tried to comfort Jamie as he broke down in tears.

Belle comforted Jamie as he broke down in tears (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Later Belle tried to encourage Jamie to face the issue with Andrea and said: “Come on, you’ve got a daughter, a whole life together.

“I know that you still love her, you wouldn’t be this upset if not.”

Jamie told Belle she’s a sweet person but when she told him he’d get through it he replied: “Maybe I don’t want to.”

The pair were then interrupted by Andrea at that crucial moment.

Viewers have begged for Jamie to dump Andrea and get together with Belle.

Earlier this month viewers picked up on the chemistry between Jamie and Belle during their work night out.

Will Jamie get back with Andrea or will viewers get what they want and see Jamie end up with Belle?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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