Emmerdale SPOILER: Zak and Lisa get married

There's happiness for the Dingles at last

Zak and Lisa finally tie the knot for the second time in Emmerdale next week, but like all soap weddings, their big day doesn’t come without drama.

Long-time Emmerdale fans will know that Lisa and Zak Dingle originally tied the knot back in 1998, but their 18-year marriage came to an end when Zak got together with Joanie and left Lisa heartbroken.

Lisa and Zak’s homecoming has been a bittersweet affair (Credit: ITV)

But thankfully all is right with the world once again because the pair are back together and, better still, back in Emmerdale, where they belong.

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Only recently did the pair make their long-awaited return to the village.

However, their happy comeback soon turned to devastation when Lisa confessed to the Dingles that she is dying from a terminal heart condition.

Lisa broke the news to the Dingles that she doesn’t have long left to live (Credit: ITV)

Her daughter Belle and the rest of the family are devastated by the bombshell, but Zak is determined to put the smile back on everyone’s faces and it’s not long before the clan are planning Zak and Lisa’s second wedding.

Lisa is delighted that everyone is getting behind the idea of her marrying Zak again, and she is pleased when Harriet Finch offers to wed them in two day’s time.

Lisa is thrilled when Harriet agrees to marry her and Zak (Credit: ITV)

The race is on to plan a wedding in 48 hours and when the big day arrives everyone is left speechless when Lisa comes downstairs in her bridal gown.

As Lydia and Belle’s excitement reaches fever pitch, everyone prepares to go to the church. But as the bridal party leaves the house they find the pigs have escaped and are running loose.

Lisa arrives at the church a little filthy after chasing pigs! (Credit: ITV)

As everyone chases the pigs to get them back where they belong, Cain manages to fall face down in the mud, while Lisa also gets involved… wedding dress and all!

At the church everyone sits and waits for Lisa to arrive, and there is a sigh of relief when she finally enters the church.

Zak is shocked to see his bride covered in mud (Credit: ITV)

However, everyone is left shocked when the bride arrives covered in mud after tackling the pigs… and the whole church bursts into laughter.

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Everyone finds the muddy bride hilarious (Credit: ITV)

As Lisa makes her way down the aisle to marry Zak for the second time, can the rest of the wedding run without a hitch?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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