Emmerdale SPOILER: Lisa tells the Dingles that she is dying

Their homecoming isn't a happy one

There’s shock heading for the Dingles in next week’s Emmerdale when village legend Lisa Dingle comes home to tell her family the devastating news that she is sadly dying.

Emmerdale fans will know that Lisa and Zak have been up in Scotland for the last year, but it was then revealed in March this year that Lisa’s days were numbered.

The Dingles throw Zak and Lisa a welcome home party (Credit: ITV)

The Dingle matriarch called Charity to Scotland for a special episode of the soap made for International Women’s Day.

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In the episode it was revealed that Lisa had invited Charity to visit because she wanted her to write a eulogy for her impending funeral.

Everyone is thrilled to have them back (Credit: ITV)

Charity was understandably devastated, but was shocked even further when Lisa asked her to keep the tragic news to herself as she wanted to wait for the time to be right before telling the rest of the Dingles.

But it seems Lisa is ready to face the music next week when she returns to Emmerdale with Zak and braces herself to drop her bombshell on the family.

But the party spirit soon ends when Lisa reveals her news (Credit: ITV)

Everyone is stunned when Lisa reveals she doesn’t have long left for this world and no one takes the news harder than her beloved daughter, Belle.

Belle’s heartbroken that her mum has kept this secret from her for so long, especially when she finds out that Charity has known for months.

Belle is heartbroken that her mum has kept her illness a secret (Credit: ITV)

As the Dingle clan struggle to get their head around Lisa’s news, Belle struggles the most and it remains to be seen if she will be able to forgive her mum for keeping secrets long enough to enjoy what little time Lisa has left.

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But Belle’s heartache isn’t the only think Lisa has to worry about.

Zak tries to comfort Lisa (Credit: ITV)

After confessing to Zak that she is terrified about dying, it seems the pressure of losing the love of his life is taking its toll on Zak and he suddenly disappears. But where has he gone?

And how will the rest of the Dingles cope with Lisa’s news?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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