Emmerdale: Viewers stunned by shock death in tonight’s episode

It's like Holly Barton all over again

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We’re still reeling from the shock death of Holly Barton, which Emmerdale managed to keep completely secret until the scenes played out.

Now, the NTAs Best Serial Drama 2017 has pulled it off again, killing off another favourite character.

Viewers and villagers alike were preparing for the return of Joanie who had been locked up for assaulting a police man.

Kerry was organising a Welcome Home party, when she discovered than Zak wanted to begin formal divorce proceedings from Joanie.

Lisa agreed to collect her from prison to break the news – and let her know that she and her husband were now together.

But as they chatted, Joanie managed to convince Lisa that neither of them needed the beardy oaf and they were fine alone.

Then Joanie’s head suddenly flipped back – and the soap went to an ad break.

As the show returned, shell-shocked Lisa arrived home to break the news to Zak.

“Joanie’s died. I collected her from prison, we were talking, we were fine,” she told her ex-husband. “Then she keeled over.

“I called an ambulance, they tried to resuscitate her, but she’d gone.”


With that, the sad new was then broken to heartbroken Kerry and the Dingle clan.

Zak was guilt-ridden and told Lisa he did’t have the right to grieve. She put her arms around him and announced she was there for him.

This all seems very sudden… could Lisa be holding something back?

Viewers are still getting their heads round the death…