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Saturday 25th January 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Robert plans to get rid of Lee for good

Just how far will he go to get rid of Victoria's rapist?

Next week's Emmerdale sees Robert Sugden come up with a plan that will get rid of rapist Lee Posner for good... but far far will he go to protect his sister Victoria?

Fans have watched evil Lee making Victotia's life a living misery over the last few months, and now that he knows she is pregnant with his baby following his vicious rape after a night out earlier this year, it seems the pub chef is never going to be rid of him.

Lee has been making Victoria's life a misery ever since he raped her earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

But one person who is adamant that Lee needs to be taught a lesson is Robert, and next week sees him put a plan into action that could get rid of the rapist for good.

When Victoria tells Robert and Aaron that she and Diane will be leaving the village sooner than planned thanks to Lee, Robert is determined to make his sister stay put.

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But while he is trying to think of a way that could mean Victoria wouldn't need to leave, the mum-to-be starts experiencing stomach pains and is rushed into hospital for another scan.

Victoria is dished for an emergency scan after having stomach pains (Credit: ITV)

Robert is by his sister's side as she has her scan, but while Victoria is relieved to see her baby, she is surprised when Robert is visibly moved at seeing his niece or nephew on the screen for the first time.

Victoria is thrilled that Robert seems to be finally accepting her baby is part of their family, but the siblings' good mood is soon shattered when they get home to fresh demands from Lee.

In return for leaving Victoria alone, Lee is demanding compensation and a full public apology from Victoria.

Victoria is horrified to see Lee back in the village making more demands (Credit: ITV)

Poor Victoria is sickened at the thought of apologising to the man who attacked her in her own home, and refuses. But Lee means business and isn't going anywhere until she does as he says.

Diane and Robert are in turmoil over what they should do, and while Victoria is adamant that she would never say sorry, Diane starts to wonder if perhaps paying Lee to leave her alone is the best thing the expectant mum can do.

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Soon Lee is back and demanding his cash - making it very clear that he isn't going anywhere without his compensation.

Lee is now blackmailing Victoria, and Robert isn't going to stand for it (Credit: ITV)

But Robert sees red as Lee pesters Victoria once again, and he is soon coming up with his own plan to get rid of the rapist.

But as Lee ups his blackmail and demands double the amount of cash they've offered, as well as the apology, it seems the family are going to have to do something drastic to get rid of him for good.

Just how far will Robert go to protect his sister and make sure she can stay in the village where she belongs?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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