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Thursday 12th December 2019

Emmerdale fans think they've found a huge mistake in Victoria's baby plot

Do the dates add up?

Pregnant Victoria Sugden saw her unborn baby for the first time last night, and she was overwhelmed to see its beating heart and tiny frame.

As she broke down in tears, realising she had a bond with the child and was making the right decision to keep it, Emmerdale fans were left scratching their heads...

Hang on, the big night out was only 10 weeks ago...? (Credit: ITV)

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How could Victoria be having a 12 week scan, if she was only raped 10 weeks ago?

As soap fans wondered about the mistake, they soon leapt to the next conclusion - that Lee isn't the dad, after all, and that Ellis is the baby's father!

On Thursday evening (July 4), Diane accompanied Victoria for a sonograph to determine the due date of her baby and whether the pregnancy looked healthy.

Victoria refused to look at first but, when she did, she broke down in tears (Credit: ITV)

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Battling her nerves and still wondering if she was doing the right thing, she listened quietly as the sonographer informed her the baby looked "perfect".

She said: "Looks like you've got your dates right. You're just 12 weeks pregnant, which gives you a due date of January 16. The baby looks perfect."

You get a first scan around 12 weeks, and it's not been 12 weeks since she was raped.

As Diane persuaded Victoria to take a look, Victoria welled up with emotion, saying: "I know I've made the right decision. I'm glad that I'm keeping it."

Victoria's unborn baby: Lee's or Ellis'? (Credit: ITV)

But those watching from home were baffled as Victoria was only raped at the end of April after the hugely dramatic big night out episode - approximately 10 weeks ago.

One wrote: "Normally you get a first scan around 12 weeks, and I'm sure it's not been 12 weeks since she was raped."

Another said: "Victoria's 12 week scan should take place on July 18, which means she would actually be due in and around 30th January 2020. #Emmerdale."

A third agreed, typing: "If Emmerdale is running completely up to date, Victoria would be 10 weeks pregnant not 12. She's going to go into 'early labour' over Christmas and will give birth to a baby that looks suspiciously like Ellis. Calling it now."

"Hang on, hang on..." said one more. "Victoria can't be 12 weeks pregnant, unless it's not Lee's baby #Emmerdale."

However, pregnancies are dated from the date of the woman's last period and as we have no idea of Victoria's cycle length, she could be 12 weeks pregnant after all...

Ellis and Vic were never officially together, but had a brief on-off fling until Ellis decided during the night out that he was going to move on with another girl.

Last night's double episode also saw Lee's mum discover that Victoria is keeping the baby, which only helped cement Victoria's determination to leave Emmerdale for good to start a new life with her baby.

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