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Emmerdale fans convinced Wendy will kidnap baby Harry after Victoria gives birth

She's acting a little unhinged

Victoria Sugden gave birth to a baby son on New Year’s Day, and Emmerdale fans couldn’t help go gooey over the ‘cute’ tot.

But there are some who predict Victoria’s new role as a mother will soon go tragically wrong.

Victoria gave birth to Harry John Sugden (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Victoria became pregnant following her violent rape at the hands of Lee Posner last spring.

While she had Diane Sugden fighting her battles and providing much-needed support, Victoria also had the unwelcome addition of Wendy Posner across the road.

Wendy is on edge in every scene. I think she’s going to kidnap that baby.

Refusing to believe her now-dead son was a rapist, Wendy moved in to the village to be close to her first grandchild – even though Victoria didn’t want her there.

Wendy Vic
Midwife Wendy grabbed any excuse to be close to her grandchild (Credit: ITV)

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On New Year’s Eve, Victoria was seen going into labour when her waters broke at midnight.

Hours later, during the New Year’s Day episode, Victoria gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

At first scared to look at her son, fearful that he would remind her of Lee, she soon fell head over heels in love with him and all worries about how he was conceived were forgotten.

Victoria was shocked when she got contractions after a night out at a New Year party (Credit: ITV)

But her bonding session with her tot might be cut abruptly short if fans’ fears are to be believed.

Many think Wendy, who has been harassing Vic for months, will kidnap her new grandchild and leave Vic without her son.

One fan wrote: “Next Victoria storyline is Wendy is going to kidnap baby Harry.”

Another said: “Is Wendy going to turn into an Emma Barton? She’s on edge in every scene. I think she’s going to kidnap that baby. And I do believe Luke will be involved with both Victoria AND Aaron.”



A third added: “I’ll call it now. I see this storyline with Victoria and her baby son taking two routes. Wendy will go for full custody of the baby or she will kidnap him the way she’s talking of wanting to see him now.”

“My god I bet Wendy will kidnap Victoria’s baby,” predicted another, while one more said: “Wendy is going to take the baby.”

If Wendy ends up kidnapping the baby, I hope Bob realises it is partially his fault for spilling the beans to her,” added another.

Will Victoria ever get her happily ever after with her son Harry? Or will Wendy always be a thorn in their side?

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