Emmerdale Kim to kill Andrea?

Emmerdale viewers convinced Kim Tate will kill Andrea as she blackmails Jamie

She won't sit back and be blackmailed

Emmerdale viewers are convinced Kim Tate will kill her daughter-in-law Andrea as she continues to blackmail Jamie.

Recently Jamie ran over Moira Dingle and left her on the side of the road on his way to pick up his wife. But after confiding in Andrea about what he did, she began using the situation in order to make sure Jamie never leaves her.

Over the last few months, Jamie has been having an affair with Belle Dingle. But the two are now unable to be together as Andrea is threatening to go to the police about Jamie’s involvement in the hit and run, if he ever leaves her.

Andrea won’t let Jamie leave her (Credit: ITV)

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However in last night’s episode (Wednesday, July 22) Kim learnt that Jamie was the one who ran over Moira.

But Andrea gave Kim a stern warning, saying she had to follow her rules or she would go to the police. However fans don’t think Kim will lie down and take it and believe she will have Andrea killed!

Emmerdale: What happens next week for Andrea and Jamie?

In next week’s Emmerdale, Jamie tries to play Andrea at her own game.

While they’re in the Woolpack, Andrea forces Jamie to book them a romantic meal. But for a watching Belle it’s the final straw and she hurries out of the pub, clearly upset.

Andrea continues to blackmail Jamie next week (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile at the HOP Office, Jamie and Jai gear up to interview candidates for the management role at The Hide.

Laurel interviews for the Restaurant Manager position and Jamie watches Jai be extremely professional as he interviews his girlfriend. Afterwards Jamie asks Jai for some advice.

Does Jamie have a plan? (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Jamie arrives home emboldened by Jai’s advice and convinces Andrea he does want to be with her. But he’s hiding his true feelings of hate.

The next morning, Andrea is in a state of bliss with Jamie. But she fails to see his mask slip as he heads out.

Emmerdale is on next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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