Emmerdale viewers cheer on Robert as he hits rapist Lee over the head

Lee raped Victoria

Emmerdale viewers cheered on Robert Sugden as he hit rapist Lee Posner over the head with a shovel.

In last night’s episodes of Emmerdale (July 30 2019), Victoria agreed to give her attacker the money he was demanding in return for him giving up rights to the baby, but Vic refused to give him a public apology.

Vic offered Lee £10,000 but he demanded double.

Victoria’s brother gave him the £10k and would give him the other half when Lee told his mum he was giving up rights to the baby.

Lee and his mum Wendy found out Victoria was pregnant a few weeks ago (Credit: ITV)

Vic begged Lee to admit what he did just once however, Lee said: “You know what’s scary? I actually think you believe it.

“I feel sorry for the next bloke you do this to. I mean, really I should hang on for that apology.”

As Vic went to lunge at Lee, Robert stopped her and told Lee to get out of his house.

As they stood in the doorway, Lee said to Robert: “Well that was fun wasn’t it?”

But as Robert replied: “No, no it really wasn’t,” Lee responded with: “Well sometimes no doesn’t mean no does it? Just adds to it.”

Robert saw red after Lee admitted he raped Victoria (Credit: ITV)

Lee then continued to make disgusting comments about what he did to Victoria: “I mean is it really rape when they love it as much as your sister did?

“And I even gave her a nice little souvenir to remember me by. Bye. Uncle Robert.”

Robert followed Lee out of his house with a murderous look in his eyes and the pair soon started fighting

Lee continued to wind Robert up by saying things like “your sister fought harder than this.”

When Robert told Lee he wasn’t walking away from this, Lee replied: “Oh but I am, and twenty grand richer. Baby maker, money maker, I wonder who the next lucky lady is going to be?”

As he walked away, Robert came up behind him and smacked him over the head with a shovel, knocking him unconscious.

Robert knocked Lee unconscious (Credit: ITV hub)

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As Rishi thought it was part of the Wild West day, he alerted the other villagers, bringing attention to the attack.

Viewers cheered on as Robert attacked Lee.

After Manpreet attended to Lee, an ambulance took him away, but will he survive? What does this mean for Robert?

Viewers know Lee raped Victoria after Emmerdale’s Big Night Out.

The pair ended up walking home together after being thrown out of a taxi and Victoria invited Lee into her place for a coffee.

However, as Victoria told Lee to call a taxi, he followed her into her bedroom and raped her.

Lee raped Victoria (Credit: ITV)

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A few weeks after he raped the chef, Vic discovered she was pregnant. But unfortunately the Crown Prosecution Service couldn’t prosecute Lee due to lack of evidence and he told them they had consensual sex.

Since finding out about the baby he and his mum Wendy have continued to harass Victoria about Lee being part of the baby’s life.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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