Emmerdale SPOILERS: Kim Tate ruins Graham and Rhona’s romance

She's determined to have her cake and eat it

Fans of Emmerdale who are shipping Rhona Goskirk and Graham Foster had better not get too attached because Kim Tate is on the prowl.

It’s been clear there’s a spark between Rhona and Graham for a while now after she caught him trying to do Kim’s dirty work and they had a heart to heart.

Rhona urged Graham not to just be Ms Tate’s lapdog, but he still stays loyally by his boss’s side and does pretty much everything she asks of him.

Rhona and Graham could have something real (Credit: ITV)

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Kim knows she has Graham where she wants him and she only has to click her fingers and he’ll come running.

But as Graham grows closer still to Rhona he soon finds himself torn between the two women.

Sweet, soft and kind vet Rhona is everything conniving Kim isn’t, but he just can’t help the lust he feels for his boss.

Next week sees him make a move on Rhona and plant a passionate kiss on her lips.

Things are moving forward between Graham and Rhona (Credit: ITV)

She’s left stunned by his openness, but it’s clear that both are hoping this could turn into something more…

Planning to put a stop to any such thoughts is Kim, though, who soon makes a pass at Graham herself.

Graham’s torn – potential love or outright lust?

Will Kim get her claws in? (Credit: ITV)

While it’s not clear whether Kim actually wants Graham for keeps or if she just wants to mess with his head, one thing’s for sure: she’s not about to let Rhona have him!

Will Graham be able to fight his feelings for Kim and make a go of it with Rhona?

The day after Kim’s pass, Graham arranges a dinner date with Rhona, but is he doing it out of guilt because he gave into Kim? Or has he genuinely broken free of the Tate’s spell?

When Kim first arrived back in the Dales, Graham was on the verge of playing happy families with Megan Macey, but the allure of Kim was just too much. Does Rhona have more to offer?

Graham’s currently embroiled in a paternity riddle as he battles to determine if he is the father of Andrea Tate’s daughter, Millie.

Graham Andrea Emmerdale paternity
Graham knows he’s probably Millie’s dad – and Andrea knows it too (Credit: ITV)

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Kim’s son, Jamie currently believes he’s the five-year-old’s dad, but when her date of birth was recently revealed, Graham realised he was also a potential candidate.

It turns out Graham and Andrea, who he had paid to keep an eye on Jamie, had a one-night stand when Graham was drunk.

But if Graham does turn out to be Millie’s dad, we’re pretty sure we’d know which woman would stand by him – and which would take great revenge for hurting her son…

Pick Rhona, Graham!

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