Emmerdale SPOILERS: Jimmy and Nicola hit a rough patch in lockdown

Jimmy and Nicola have been together for over a decade

In next week’s Emmerdale, viewers will see Jimmy and Nicola hit a rough patch as they’re thrown together in lockdown. But could confessions lead to the couple splitting for good?

In lockdown, the couple immediately start riling each other up.

While Nicola appears to be busy with her council business, it’s clear that something is bothering her.

She’s obviously sad and although Jimmy is aware of it, he’s at a loss for what to do.

Will Jimmy be able to help Nicola? (Credit: ITV)

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As she constantly tells him that her life is dull and boring and it seems like everyone in the village is living a better life than her, Jimmy has to face reality.

Will Nicola open up to him? What does this mean for their relationship?

Nicola’s boredom

Speaking about the episodes, Nicola Wheeler, who plays Nicola said: “I think Nicola is doing a little bit of life assessment.

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“I think that’s what’s become apparent for her is that nothing’s changed much apart from being able to go out.

Will Nicola open up? (Credit: ITV)

“She starts to get a bit sad as she realises she has nothing much to look forward to once lockdown ends.

“It seems like she’s bored with their relationship but there could be a lot more to it than that.”

A short history of Jimmy and Nicola’s relationship

Jimmy and Nicola have been together for over 10 years and have been through some tough times.

Together they have a daughter named Angelica. Jimmy also has a son named Elliot, who is the the son of Jimmy’s first wife Kelly.

Despite Jimmy being faithful to Nicola, a mix up at the sperm bank in 2014 meant he fathered another son, named Carl.

Whilst Carl and Elliot initially lived with their mothers, they soon came to stay with Jimmy and Nicola – who treats them as her own.

Nicola and Jimmy have been through tough times (Credit: ITV)

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Even last year, Jimmy and Nicola ran into trouble when the businessman was falsely accused of harming Archie Breckle. While this didn’t necessarily strain their relationship, it almost ruined their friendship with Laurel, who is dating Archie’s dad Jai.

Eventually Laurel’s son Arthur admitted he was the one hurting Archie.

But will Jimmy and Nicola be able to work through their issues in lockdown. Or will this push them even further apart?

Emmerdale airs Mandy and Vinny’s episode on Monday, June 15 at 7pm, and Jimmy and Nicola’s episode on Wednesday, June 17 at 7pm on ITV.

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