Emmerdale trailer reveals Chas giving birth, Robert’s final scenes and a boat explosion

Lives are on the line

As Emmerdale gears up for its big October week next week, the show has released a promo trailer giving us a glimpse into exactly what’s in store.

And it’s fair to say it looks explosive – quite literally as a boat goes up in flames.

The short montage of clips confirm that Cain will discover the truth about Moira and Nate’s affair when his mother, Faith tells him.

Fans have been fed up with watching Moira and her farmhand Nate get down and dirty in the hay for months.

Last week, she ended things after her nephew Pete found out, but left viewers more irritated than ever when she fell back into Nate’s arms not long afterwards.

However the whole sorry mess is set to be exposed when Faith finds out the truth and in the promo she tells Cain what she knows.

Emmerdale Moira Credit: ITV/Facebook
Moira is right to look very concerned indeed (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

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We then hear Cain say: “You broke every promise,” and see him, Moira and Nate on a small boat.

Moira and Nate are left looking very concerned – and so they should be as it’s not long before Cain and Nate start fighting, and then we see the boat burst into flames.

Emmerdale boat explosion Credit: ITV/Facebook
There can’t be much boat left after this… (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

If anyone is still on the boat when it blows up, it will be a miracle if they survive…

Elsewhere, it’s time for Chas Dingle to give birth – and it looks like she’s only got Marlon by her side instead of partner Paddy Kirk.

She’s trapped in the toilet and Paddy is on the other side of the door as her labour kicks in.

Will Marlon step up and deliver the child? And will mother and baby be okay?

Emmerdale Chas Marlon birth Credit: ITV/Facebook
Chas is in labour (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

Viewers know Chas and Paddy lost a baby, just over a year ago, when Grace was born with renal agenesis and didn’t survive.

Fans are praying things go well for Chas this time and she and Paddy get the happy ending they deserve at last.

Finally, we are told that Robert’s exit scenes, which begin on screen this week when he goes on the run tomorrow night (Tuesday October 15) clearly aren’t as straight forward as they’d hoped.

The duo plan to depart when they find out Lee, the man who Robert is facing prison for attacking after Lee raped Rob’s sister, Victoria, has died.

Fearing he’ll now be up on a muder charge after admitting GBH with intent, Robert decides his only option is to flee, and husband Aaron insists on going with him.

Aaron and Robert know they have to go (Credit: ITV/Facebook)

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But as they watch the police pull into the village, it becomes clear something’s held their departure up…

Then Aaron is seen in tears on the phone – what’s happened? Has Robert gone without him? Has something happened to Robert?

We know that Aaron is staying when Robert leaves, but what has caused him to be left behind?

It’s sure to be a huge week of drama ahead – and it doesn’t look like everybody will make it out alive.

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