Meena in Emmerdale a murderer?

Emmerdale: Is Meena a murderer? Soap hints friend’s suicide was more sinister

The nurse has hinted she will do anything to get what she wants

Emmerdale has dropped a huge hint that Meena Jutla is a killer.

The scheming nurse has been seen manipulating people throughout the village with her twisted sense of loyalty to sister Manpreet.

How dangerous is Meena in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

However this week things took a darker turn when she tried to kill Andrea Tate’s dog Princess by locking her in a hot car.

And it has now been revealed that she may not simply draw the line at trying to kill animals.

In last night’s episode Meena opened up about her past – and revealed a link to a suspicious death.

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Speaking to Diane Sugden, Meena claimed she had regrets over not helping a troubled friend more.

She said her friend Nadine later took her own life.

Meena admitted: “I do get over-involved, I know I do. I just want everyone in their right place and with the right person.

“My friend made a mistake. I should have been there for her but I wasn’t – I should have talked to her, but I didn’t.

“I tried, but she rejected me. So I backed off and left her to work it through on her own and she killed herself.”

Meena claimed her friend had fallen in with a new group of friends who changed her.

She insisted they were gradually chipping away at Nadine’s confidence and making her unhappy, forcing her to step in.

But when Nadine rejected her help, Meena claimed she backed off.

However, Nadine was later found dead and Meena struggled to cope – claiming she decided not to go to the funeral.

And she never confided in her sister over what happened.

Is Meena Jutla a killer in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale drops shocking clue Meena Jutla is a murderer

Meena added: “So now, when I see someone in emotional pain, it triggers something in me. That I’m useless and I need to act. Sometimes I think Manpreet’s not happy.”

However, it was clear Meena hadn’t been honest with Diane.

Later, she was seen reading an old newspaper clipping about Nadine’s death, which revealed the truth.

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The headline of the newspaper read: “Woman found dead in suspicious circumstances.”

Another section of the article read: “Nadine Butler, aged 22, was found dead in her car yesterday after inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. Police suspect foul play and are appealing for witnesses.”

But could Meena have killed her?

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