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Sunday 31st May 2020

Emmerdale fans in despair as first advert comes after 'just five minutes'

Not happy!

Viewers of Emmerdale were baffled and angry last night, when the first advert came 'within minutes' of the show starting.

Those tuning in to catch up with the latest events from the Dales couldn't believe it when the action stopped for an ad break after 'just five minutes'.

Kerry and Cain slept together after a few too many beverages (Credit: ITV)

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During an episode which saw Cain Dingle and Kerry Wyatt fall into bed with each other, only for Moira to walk in on then after the act, fans were fed up by the adverts.

Writing on Twitter, one disgruntled fan wrote: "Emmerdale only on for five mins and ad break already? #Emmerdale."

Another said: "The first ad break was 7 minutes in."

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A third complained that the hour-long episode would only be "15 minutes with adverts the way it's going".

"Does this mean we get 30 minutes before the next ads?" hoped another.

Emmerdale only on for five mins and ad break already?

Others had a problem with the nature of the commercials, with one lamenting: "McCain's ad has just made me sad. [Bleep] sake, Emmerdale."

Of course adverts are a necessary evil on ITV, who don't charge viewers a licence fee to watch the channel.

Luke also returned and rekindled his friendship with Victoria (Credit: ITV)

TV viewers have complained about the volume of adverts on ITV before, especially during huge live events like Britain's Got Talent.

Earlier this year, BGT fans slammed the show for the number of ads inbetween performances - including one for viagra!

"Too many adverts, boring!" signed one, while another seethed: "Adverts with talent."

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