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Sunday 19th January 2020

Emmerdale fans convinced Kerry Wyatt is pregnant with Cain Dingle's baby

They had sex - and Moira caught them at it

Kerry Wyatt is pregnant and it's Cain Dingle's baby... Or at least that's what Emmerdale viewers think!

The troubled misfits ended up in bed together on Tuesday (November 5), and his estranged wife Moira Dingle caught them in the act.

Moira was hoping to get things back on track with husband Cain (Credit: ITV)

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And, if that wasn't already explosive enough, those watching from home believe Kerry will fall pregnant with Cain's child.

Which would be beyond awkward as her daughter Amy also has a son by Cain! Oh and Kerry also slept with Nate in another cringe twist!

Soap fans know that Cain is hellbent on revenge after discovering his wife Moira had an affair with her stepson Nate Robinson - although she didn't know his real identity at the time.

Cain has made it clear he doesn't want to forgive Moira any time soon (Credit: ITV)

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On a mission of self-destruct - and hurting Moira in the process is a bonus - Cain was seen getting drunk on beer and whisky with Kerry.

Kerry told Cain: "You know what, I don't get how Nate got all those women."

To which Cain replied: "Well you went with him."

After joking about beer goggles and flirting outrageously, the pair ended up in the sack - only to be discovered by a repentant Moira.

Ready to move back to Butlers and get things back on track with Cain come what may, she was floored when she walked in on him and Kerry.

Cain will be the father of Kerry's baby.

Cain clearly enjoyed seeing Moira devastated, and Moira realised in that moment that Cain has put an end to their marriage for good.

Some fans predicted another outcome - that Kerry will become pregnant with Cain's baby.

One wrote: "Moira's face seeing Kerry in her bed was priceless. She deserved that, but he can do better than Kerry and Amy will kick off when she finds out. The real kicker will be if Kerry gets pregnant."

Another said: "The classic one night stand pregnancy storyline... Cain will be the father of Kerry's baby #Emmerdale."

A third added: "OMG imagine if Kerry does actually end up pregnant now, Amy'll end up sharing a sibling with her very own son. #Emmerdale."

"If Kerry ends up pregnant by Cain too, oh that's just a tad confusing," stated one more.

Cain will have enough on his plate in the coming weeks, as his dodgy dealings with Aaron Dingle lead to Moses Dingle being kidnapped by a dangerous gang.

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