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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Emmerdale fans HATE Jacob and Leanna pairing after they kiss and want Jacob to be with Liv

Does she remind him of her former stepmum?

Viewers of Emmerdale have given Jacob Gallagher's fledging relationship with Leanna Cavanagh a Big Fat No, after the teenagers shared their first kiss last night.

On Halloween night (October 31), Leanna finally got her lips on Jacob - after months of admiring him from afar.

Not exactly breaking free from the memory of Maya, though, is it? (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers have been longing for Jacob to move on from his relationship with groomer Maya Stepney, after she was sent to jail earlier this year.

But a relationship with Maya's former stepdaughter isn't exactly what they had in mind!

On Thursday, the schoolboy got closer to Leanna when they shared a kiss whilst getting ready for the Halloween party.

Leanna isn't exactly Snow White (Credit: ITV)

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Although Leanna is his age, viewers know that their involvement is not without its complications as she is the former stepdaughter of Maya Stepney.

I want Jacob and Liv together! Leanna can jog on.

Leanna, who is the daughter of Maya's ex-husband Liam, has harboured a crush on Jacob for months but will she be able to tear Jacob away from the memory of Maya?

The kiss came just weeks after Jacob was seen staring longingly into a photograph of groomer Maya, who he still believes he's in love with.

Is Jacob still waiting for Maya? (Credit: ITV)

Disgraced schoolteacher Maya was sentenced to 12 months in prison for sexual contact with a minor.

Some worried fans now believe Maya will be out in time for Christmas, and will return to the village to reunite with Jacob.

And, if she does return, will she find Jacob in a relationship with Leanna?

Viewers know that Leanna isn't exactly squeaky clean - the scheming teen has tried to thwart her dad's attempts to find love, and has previously caused trouble for Isobel Steele.

Emmerdale fans were sickened by Maya and Jacob's grooming storyline (Credit: ITV)

Fans expressed their dislike for the union, with one tweeting: "Good Lord no! I have never seen a more selfish immature character than Leanna. I'm no real fan of Jacob, but he deserves better than her 'me me me' attitude. UGH!!!"

Another agreed that Jacob was too good for Leanna, saying: "She's an evil cow and has been since day one."

A third dripped with sarcasm when they wrote: "This is the very thing Jacob needs right now. Either he's confused or he still carries a torch for Maya. Hmmm I wonder which one it is?"

Many others want to see Jacob back with Liv, with one writing: "Noooo, Livcob please!"

Another said: "God no! You dump Jacob and Liv's goldmine story and Jacob's growth for THIS!? Jolivia are end game."

A third said: "I want Jacob and Liv together! Leanna can jog on!"

Can you see a future for Leanna and Jacob? Or do you think Jacob still wants Maya?

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