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Wednesday 29th January 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Mandy's in big trouble

There's trouble heading for Emmerdale next week when Mandy and Vinny find their lives on the line, Kim discovers the truth about Graham and Rhona, and Jacob gets a new love interest...

Mandy and Vinny face Dingle Court

Mandy and Vinny's plan to steal Lydia's money so they can pay casino boss Terry back goes horribly wrong when Lydia catches them in the act.

As the Dingles confront them, the pair run away from the village, but they don't get far when their van breaks down.

The pair hide out in the woods, but it's not long before they're found and taken home for Dingle Court.

Mandy is fuming that they're being put to trial, and points out the hypocrisy given what happened with Aaron.

Mandy tells the Dingles the truth about how she and Vinny have been running a casino card counting scam in lots of different venues, all run by Terry.

But the real shock comes when it is revealed to viewers that Charity is also involved in the trouble.

As everyone deliberates if they should be punished, Mandy's confident the family court will vote in their favour.

But Vinny's got bigger things to worry about and is terrified that everyone is about to discover his other big secret. What is he hiding?

Mandy and Vinny fear for their lives 

But secrets and lies are the least of their worries when later Mandy and Vinny find themselves in grave danger.

Thug Terry arrives on their doorstep and he means business.

A furious Terry demands his money back...

Will the Dingles save Mandy and Vinny in their hour of need?

Kim's jealous of Rhona 

Kim admits to Jamie that she is jealous of Graham's mystery woman - little does she know it's someone very close to home.

After seeing Andrea and Graham arguing over Millie, Kim mistakenly thinks that she's worked out who Graham's new flame is.

However it is soon revealed that it's Rhona who has won Graham's heart.

Graham puts Kim in her place by cruelly telling her she'd better get used to seeing him with Rhona, leaving Kim seething with jealousy.

But there's more drama for Kim when she later finds out Jamie was the one who delivered the evidence that put her in prison.

Kim's utterly devastated, but will Jamie be able to talk his mum round?

Meanwhile, Marlon isn't happy about Rhona's romance with Graham and confronts her.

But Rhona soon puts him in his place.

New romance for Jacob?

Jacob and Leanna get ready for the village Halloween party together and, as as they flirt, Leanna moves in for a kiss. But how will Jacob react?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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