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Emmerdale fans give up on ‘hypocrite’ Moira after her ‘disgusting’ attack on Harriet

Is she beyond redemption?

Viewers of Emmerdale have claimed Moira Dingle is beyond redemption, after her ‘disgusting’ attack on Harriet Finch.

On Thursday (September 26), Moira barged into a Harvest Festival celebration at the church with the sole aim of taking down Harriet and her boyfriend Will.

And those watching from home thought it was a despicable case of pot calling the kettle black!

Moira outburst Harriet emmerdale
Should people in glass houses throw stones? (Credit: ITV)

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Earlier this week, Moira discovered that her son Matty was partial to a bit of marijuana in his cigarettes.

Which some viewers might suggest is not quite as naughty as sleeping with a man behind your husband’s back…

When Moira discovered Will’s past as a drug trafficker, she convinced herself he had sold her son the drugs.

Long-term viewers will know that Moira’s daughter Holly died of a heroin overdose in 2016.

Mucky Moira launched an unkind attack on Harriet (Credit: Itv)
Mucky Moira launched an unkind attack on Harriet (Credit: ITV)

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Gatecrashing Harriet’s sermon, Moira stormed in to give Harriet a piece of her mind about her relationship with Will.

And fans were furious with her for taking the moral high ground, when she’s not exactly squeaky clean herself!

Writing on Twitter, one fan seethed: “I’m at that point now where Moira’s hypocrisy is actually making me pull my hair out and my face goes red with rage and I grit my teeth with anger.”

Another said: “Moira’s doing my head in, acting like butter wouldn’t melt! Hypocrite much!?”

A third cried: “Moira the hypocrite who’s running around doing the dirty on Cain is banging on about honesty.”

“Moira has completely lost the plot, she doesn’t have the right to judge Harriet,” said one more.

Many others chimed in, slating Moira for murdering Emma and letting her son take the rap. Not to mention her illicit affair with farmhand Nate Robinson.

While the masses can’t wait for Moira’s affair with Nate to be discovered, a handful defended Moira’s reaction after the death of her daughter.

Moira's daughter Holly died of a drug overdose in 2016 (Credit: ITV)
Moira’s daughter Holly died of a drug overdose in 2016 (Credit: ITV)

Over on Digital Spy Forums, one viewer claimed Moira was now irredeemable.

They said: “I hate to say this but, in my opinion, Moira is irredeemable. What has Harriet’s relationship status got anything to do with her or anyone else in the village?

“I understand she might be upset about the whole situation because of how Holly died but still… She has no right to judge or embarrass Harriet after what she is doing with Nate.”

Another agreed, writing: “She really is an immoral, self-absorbed hypocrite. Fair enough that could be an accurate description of numerous characters but few are as nasty as Moira.

“I really hope a comeuppance is on the cards; good on Harriet for giving her what for.”

Harriet Moira church emmerdale
Harrier Vs Moira (Credit: ITV)

A third stated: “Moira always has been and always will be a nasty, selfish cow.”

“The character has been ruined beyond repair,” said one more. “She went too far tonight, a murderer and a person who lets her own son take the blame for it… She also bought drugs herself, acting high and mighty, at least Will paid for his crime.

“Moira cheats and lies her way through life, she denies her little boy, preferring to drink herself into oblivion. I loved the idea of Cain and Moira together once, but now? I wish he would dump the harlot and get back with Harriet.”

Those desperate to see Moira get her comeuppance won’t have long to wait… Emmerdale confirmed Cain will find out about the affair in the explosive October Week.

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