Moira and Nate bed

Emmerdale fans in despair as Moira and Nate conduct ‘secret affair’ with curtains wide open

Errrr, how about drawing the curtains?

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Emmerdale fans have slammed Moira Dingle and Nate Robinson’s affair, as they continue to have sex without taking precautions – and we don’t mean condoms.

The pair have been having a passionate relationship behind the back of Moira’s husband Cain… And, when he finds out, there’ll be serious repercussions.

Moira and Nate kiss
Many have found the sex scenes too much for the pre-watershed slot (Credit: ITV)

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So you’d think the pair would be, how shall we put this, a little more discreet?

Moira and her toyboy farmhand can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off as often as they can, usually in Nate’s caravan.

On Wednesday (September 25), fans were repulsed when they were at it again – and almost caught by Moira’s son Matty.

Moira and Nate are determined to make the most of their remaining time without Cain (Credit: ITV)

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Which begs the question… Why are Moira and Nate taking so many risks?

Those watching from home were miffed by the couple’s apparent disregard for being caught, especially as they didn’t even draw the curtains!

One tweeted: “Emmerdale, why does Moira conduct her affair with Nate in the caravan with the curtains wide open?”

Another added: “Does that window blind never shut in the caravan?”

“Someone needs to tell Moira that windows are see-through,” observed a third, while one more said: “You’d think they’d shut the blinds at least.”

On the Emmerdale Addict Facebook forum, another said: “Yes, Moira and Nate in the caravan with all the curtains open again.”

“Isn’t that ridiculous!?” blasted another. “No curtains, door not locked, and no one sees them. What a load of cobblers!”

Fair point, especially when your husband is Cain Dingle and the village is so small, news of an illicit affair would spread like wildfire.

Next week, their affair IS uncovered by Pete Barton. But what will he do with the information?

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