Eight huge spoilers from Emmerdale next week!

Emmerdale viewers disgusted as Brenda poisons Dan and hides the evidence

Dan has been left in a bad way after collapsing and injuring his back

Emmerdale viewers have been left disgusted after Brenda Walker poisoned Dan Spencer before hiding the evidence.

Over the last few weeks, Brenda has been worried about her cafe business after the outdoor pursuit centre set up camp just down the road.

In order to keep her customers coming back, Brenda enlisted Eric to help her come up with new food to sell.

In last night’s episode (Thursday March 26) Brenda got Dan to help make up some wraps she needed for an office order.

Emmerdale viewers disgusted as Brenda poisons Dan and hides the evidence
Brenda gave Dan a wrap (Credit: ITV Hub)

As Dan headed off to work at the garage, she gave Dan a wrap which he soon ate.

However he didn’t realise the wrap had almonds in – something he is severely allergic to.

He ended up collapsing on the floor unable to breathe. But as Eric and Brenda passed by, they noticed Dan struggling and called an ambulance.

Dan had an allergic reaction but when he collapsed, he fractured his lower spine (Credit: ITV)

As he went to hospital, it was soon discovered he had a spine injury and needs an operation or it could leave his spine further damaged.

How does Brenda know she caused the allergic reaction?

Meanwhile, Brenda went back to the garage and found the empty food wrapping from what she had given Dan earlier that day, and pocketed it.

Back at the cafe, she binned the wrapper and when she looked at the ingredients she had included in the lunch item, she realised the dressing she used had almonds in it.

Emmerdale viewers disgusted as Brenda poisons Dan and hides the evidence
Brenda realised one of the ingredients used contained almonds (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Knowing she could get in trouble for not listing the correct allergens, she tried to cover her tracks.

Later, Kerry confronted Brenda and she threw the blame on NHS nurse Wendy, who had given Dan some painkillers before he collapsed.

Emmerdale viewers are disgusted with Brenda for trying to hide her crimes.




Brenda was aware of Dan’s allergy as he had had aĀ reaction to a vegan cake, which contained almonds, that she served in the cafe a few weeks ago.

Luckily Dr Liam Cavanagh got to him and gave him an antihistamine.

What happens next for Brenda and Dan?

Next week, Eric suggests to Brenda she gets rid of any evidence in the cafe that could tie her to Dan’s condition.

Brenda stop trying to kill him!

At the hospital, Eric tries to keep the peace between Dan and Brenda. Dan agrees not to hold a grudge.

Brenda tries to over her tracks (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Brenda tries to get rid of the evidence, knowing she could have killed Dan.

But Mandy warns Brenda she’ll pay for what she did.

Later behind the cafe, Mandy goes through the bins and finds concrete evidence that Brenda is behind Dan’s condition.

What will she do with the evidence?

The next episode of Emmerdale is on tonight at 7pm.Ā 

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