Eight huge spoilers from Emmerdale next week!

8 huge spoilers from Emmerdale next week including Brenda’s ‘killer’ cover-up

She destroys evidence linking her to the crime

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Emmerdale next week rovides plenty of drama as Mandy goes to desperate lengths to find evidence linking Brenda to Dan’s condition.

Meanwhile, Priya and Al get steamy, and Jamie has a plan to make sure he doesn’t have to work with Belle.

Here are the biggest Emmerdale spoilers from next week.

1. Brenda covers her tracks after nearly killing Dan

Brenda covers her tracks (Credit: ITV)

Pollard suggests to Brenda she gets rid of any incriminating evidence in the cafe that could tie her to Dan’s allergic reaction.

At the hospital, Pollard tries to make peace between Dan and Brenda. Dan agrees not to hold a grudge and says placing blame on her won’t improve his situation.

Meanwhile Brenda tries to get rid of the evidence of her crime, knowing she could have killed Dan…

2. Mandy goes after Brenda

In the bins, Mandy finds evidence linking Brenda to Dan’s condition (Credit: ITV)

Mandy tells Brenda she’ll pay for what she did to Dan.

Later, behind the cafe, Mandy goes through the bins and finds concrete evidence that Brenda is behind what happened to Dan.

What will she do with the evidence?

3. Priya and Al get steamy

Romance for Priya and Al? (Credit: ITV)

Al opens up about his run in with Ellis and Priya finds herself softening towards him.

As they go to kiss they’re interrupted…

The next day Al takes his chance and pulls Priya in for a kiss. However soon she’s telling him they need to keep it professional.

But Al’s not so keen on the idea and it’s not long before things are getting steamy between them.

4. Moira and Rhona open up about their troubles

Moira and Rhona have a heart-to-heart (Credit: ITV)

Rhona opens up to Moira about how hard the last few months have been for her.

The pair have a heart-to-heart and Moira tells her about her current money worries.

5. Rhona invests in Moira

Rhona invests in Moira (Credit: ITV)

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The next day Rhona learns Graham left her a large sum of money.

She offers to go in to business with Moira, thinking she’s found the perfect way to honour Graham’s legacy.

6. Will double crosses Cain

Will gets on Cain’s bad side (Credit: ITV)

Cain tells Will to pick a side as he reveals he’s getting rid of DI Malone once and for all.

In an attempt to keep Will calm, Billy tells him about the 4×4 that Cain is keeping as leverage against Malone.

Later Cain and Billy are shocked to realise Will has stolen the 4×4 and Cain makes it clear, Will has signed his own death warrant.

7. Jamie fires Belle?

Jamie tells Paddy they need to fire Belle (Credit: ITV)

Feeling guilty over what happened with Belle, Jamie is soon having to deal with the vets’ money problems.

Realising he can kill two birds with one stone, he tells Paddy the only way to solve their financial strife is to fire Belle and save her wages.

But will Paddy agree?

8. Bob tells Wendy how he really feels?

Will Bob tell Wendy show he really feels? (Credit: ITV)

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Wendy encourages Bob to come up with his own idea to get Luke and Victoria.

However Mandy can see that Bob has his eye on Wendy and encourages him to tell her how he feels.

Emmerdale’s scheduling pattern will be changing due to the coronavirus pandemic, and will air Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV from Monday 30th March.

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