Gemma and Chesney looking shocked in Corrie

Corrie fans demand SEVEN characters are axed as they call for cast cull

Fans are calling for a cull of the family

Corrie fans have called for a cull of the cast – and they know exactly where to start.

Fans have hit out at the decision to give Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown quads three years ago.

The kebab shop workers discovered Gemma was pregnant with quads, adding to his son Joseph.

However it has not been plain sailing and only Aled is really seen on screen.

And although the quads are rarely ever featured, Corrie fans think it’s time the entire family was axed.

Coronation Street fans want the entire Winter-Brown family axed (Credit: ITV)
Coronation Street fans want the entire Winter-Brown family axed (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans call for Winter-Browns to be axed

Writing on DS Forums, one fan said: “They’re 3 years old in October. What logistically can the show now do about explaining the lack of quads?

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“Toddlers run riot and the show really scored an own goal and wrote both Chesney and Gemma into a corner.

“Either go in hard and hire 4 similar looking children or I’m afraid the entire family must leave – unless they have a depressing car accident and two don’t survive? But who wants to watch that??!”

A second agreed: “I think they should just move the family out. It was a stupid story from the start.”

A third said: “I know COVID meant they couldn’t have 4 young children in that cramped front room but honestly when they came up with the ridiculous quads idea in the first place, did nobody think about the long term implications of it?

I’m afraid the entire family must leave.

“For example in real life that many kids would be screaming the house down 24/7 as they each clamber for their parents attention.

Giving Gemma quads was a mistake say Corrie fans (Credit: ITV)
Giving Gemma quads was a mistake say Corrie fans (Credit: ITV)

“It’s as though initially they thought oh how hilarious it’ll be Gemma and Chesney having quads! (It isn’t!). But didn’t look beyond that.

“I know all soaps have a convenient habit of having babies/young kids vanishing for months on end and then reappearing when the storyline requires it, but I just don’t think you can get away with that with quads!”

Another said: “I agree with a previous poster that the story was a mistake.

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“It was played for laughs with no hint of any long -erm planning.

“I imagine the only thing whoever pitched this story was thinking was ‘won’t it be funny to have Gemma fall pregnant with quads?!'”

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