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Coronation Street viewers disgusted as Geoff tells Yasmeen he’s victim of abuse

He's manipulated his wife after she realised his cruelty

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The moment Coronation Street viewers have been screaming for arrived tonight as Yasmeen finally woke up to the truth that she is living with a monster.

Husband Geoff’s abuse has been escalating and on Monday night he blew a fuse when he was humiliated in public as his turn as a magician went wrong.

Geoff blamed Yasmeen for their magic disaster (Credit: ITV)

He blamed Yasmeen, who he’d roped in as his assistant, when he was unable to get her out of the box he’d ‘disappeared’ her in… and he was still smarting as tonight’s visit to Weatherfield began.

Geoff was still angry with Yasmeen over the magic blunder (Credit: ITV)

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As Yasmeen tried to apologise to her still-furious husband, Geoff threatened to post a video of her crying – which he had filmed as he goaded her the other night – online so, as he put it, she could understand the humiliation that he’s feeling.

He then sank to new lows as he fat-shamed her, chanting: “Fat Yas, thunder thighs, the amazing wonder wobble, denting viaducts with every step.”

Geoff fat-shamed his wife (Credit: ITV)

Disgusting! But he wasn’t done there. The pathetic excuse for a human then told Yasmeen she could make amends with him if she practised the magic trick that had gone wrong for future performances.

She dutifully got into the box, still desperate to please the man she loves, but began to panic as Geoff showed no signs of letting her out… and as she begged for reprieve, he locked the box and went to the pub!

Yasmeen, claustrophobic – which Geoff knows full well – cried out while Geoff sat in the Rovers necking pints.

He took pleasure in her fear (Credit: ITV)

She was eventually rescued when Tim arrived home, baffled to find his petrified mother-in-law locked in a box.

When Geoff arrived home a little later, he tried to appear concerned in front of his son, but the blinkers had come off for Yasmeen, who challenged him over his behaviour.

“I’m asking myself, knowing I’m claustrophobic, how could you be so cruel?”, she demanded.

Claustrophobic Yasmeen was terrified (Credit: ITV)

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“Is this what love should feel like? Love is when he locks you in a box and goes to the pub. My mum would have told me to run.”

Hurrah! Finally her torture is coming to an end… or so we thought. But Geoff is smart enough to twist things…

Yasmeen challenged Geoff but he twisted the situation (Credit: ITV)

Realising that he was losing control, Geoff turned on the waterworks and, angling for sympathy, he claimed his ex, Tim’s mum, had abused HIM.

He begged for forgiveness, telling Yasmeen how much he loved her as he smacked his own head, and then cried for her to hold him.

And his manipulation seemed to work, as she cradled him.

Viewers were up in arms by his latest cruel antics…

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