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Monday 14th October 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Geoff's mind games continue as Yasmeen fears for her life

He wants her to control her

Geoff Metcalfe has slowly been showing his true colours in Coronation Street as he plays controlling games with partner Yasmeen Nazir.

It started out as just little things, him getting upset that she didn't want to spend any alone time with him, kicking up a fuss about not being given the DJ set at Speed Daal, and speaking for her when it came to Tiny the horse.

But next week he steps things up a gear.

Yasmeen is mugged (Credit: ITV)

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When Yasmeen is mugged in the street, Geoff seizes the opportunity to make her rely on him - even trying to make her a recluse.

At the start of the week, Geoff insists Yasmeen take a night off so they can have Sally and Tim round for dinner.

Yasmeen tells him she's going wine tasting with Cathy, but assures him she'll be back in time for dinner, however Geoff's annoyed - especially when Yasmeen loses track of time and gets rather drunk.

She misses Geoff's many, many texts and returns home failing to notice he's cross at her being late for the dinner party.

Yasmeen tries to apologise to Geoff (Credit: ITV)

When Sally leaves, Geoff tears a strip off Yasmeen for her behaviour and decides to make his point by sleeping in the spare room.

The next day an apologetic Yasmeen is hungover and tries to make things up to Geoff, but he makes her feel even worse telling her she promised to go on a walk with him.

Later, at Speed Daal, Geoff pours water onto Ryan's mixing desk and lets Yasmeen think she did it.

What is Geoff playing at? (Credit: ITV)

The day gets even worse for Yasmeen when she leaves the restaurant with the takings and is dragged screaming into an alleyway.

As Yasmeen's life flashes before her eyes, Tracy rushes to her aid and takes her back to No.6, where Geoff is horrified to discover she was mugged.

The police are called and Yasmeen insists she's fine to return to work, but an annoyed Geoff wants to play the protector and is not happy at all about her going.

As she heads home later, Yasmeen is fearful when she hears someone following her and when she gets back to Geoff, he's smug as she tells him, she wishes she'd listened to him and allowed him to take her home.

Alya doesn't like seeing her gran so anxious and tries to get her to return to work the next day, but Geoff steps in and insists she needs to stay at home where he can look after her.

Yasmeen calls him her protector, making him even more self-satisfied. When Sally and Tim call round wanting to cheer Yasmeen up with a trip to the Rovers, Geoff is pleased when she declines.

The mugging leaves Yasmeen shaken (Credit: ITV)

Although later on, doing jigsaws at No.6 isn't floating Yasmeen's boat and she determines to go out to get some fresh air. But a hurt acting Geoff talks her out of leaving with little effort.

While everything seems to be going Geoff's way, he's left disappointed when Yasmeen reveals her mugger has been caught and she's feeling safe enough to go out on her own.

Later, things get worse for Geoff when he's shown up by Craig at the self-defence class and Yasmeen and the others laugh at him.

That night, Alya and Ryan and some DJ mates turn up at the house after a night out and Yasmeen joins the party. Geoff's upstairs asleep, oblivious to what's going on downstairs.

Yasmeen is having fun again - Geoff won't like that (Credit: ITV)

But when he wakes up and realises what's going on, he's fuming to see Yasmeen having fun with the youngsters and leads her back up to bed.

Then, as Alya sleeps on the sofa, a gloved hand opens a drawer and removes a box of precious jewellery and treasured photographs.

Geoff's reaction leaves Yasmeen feeling embarrassed again (Credit: ITV)

Who has broken in? Something tells us, this could involve Geoff too...

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With Yasmeen becoming more and more dependent on Geoff as his controlling ways leave her feeling guilty all the time, this relationship is getting toxic.

Fans have already told how they're fed up of Geoff and his treatment of Yasmeen - and now it looks set to get a whole lot worse.

Will Yasmeen see what he's doing and kick him out? Or will Geoff realise you can't behave like this and change his ways?

Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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