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Tuesday 28th January 2020

Coronation Street fans fed up with the "witch hunt" against Carla Connor

They think the whole storyline has been ill thought out

Some Coronation Street viewers are fed up with the factory roof collapse storyline and think that everyone blaming Carla Connor is unfair.

Carla is in a very dark place and entering into the grips of psychosis after receiving messages from 'Rana' telling her she destroys everything around her.

The messages are frightening Carla (Credit: ITV)

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It turned out the messages were being sent by Rana's friend, Alya Nazir, who told Rana's widow, Kate Connor: "It's just not fair that [Carla] is still walking around like nothing's happened."

But with Carla set to go missing it looks like things are going to get worse before they get better for the factory owner.

With the whole street seemingly against her, fans are a bit fed up with the fact no one can see the disaster is not entirely Carla's fault.

Carla will go missing (Credit: ITV)

It is so frustrating with the witch hunt against Carla.

On a Digital Spy forum one user wrote: "It is so frustrating with the witch hunt against Carla. Yes she knew about the roof but on the actual day the roof collapsed she had told people not to work that day and the factory was closed.

"The factory lot broke into the factory without Carla's permission. She didn't know that this would happen and the chain of events that would follow."

Was Carla's cost-cutting to blame? (Credit: ITV)

They then went on to list all the other reasons that Carla isn't solely to blame:

"The dress wouldn't have been there if Lolly hadn't have ruined it. Sally and Gina were on the roof without permission. Rana wouldn't have been there if Izzy hadn't have said they were holding the dress hostage.

"Going further back if Aidan hadn't had the affair with Maria. Eva wouldn't have hatched her revenge and removed the roof. Pat Phelan did the dodgy job which weakened the structure.

"If Roy hadn't accidentally caused the boat fire it wouldn't have weakened the structure further. If Nick hadn't been stealing Audrey's money he would have been keeping an eye on the factory not opening a new barbers."

It was Eva's revenge on cheating Aidan that caused damage to the roof (Credit: ITV)

Others were quick to agree, with one saying: "Eva killed Rana! It was her stupid revenge plot that started all this."

Another added: "Agreed and people are always quick to forget what Carla's done for them in the past.

"How many chances she's given lots of those, especially saint Sally like when she had cancer Carla was great with her, or when she turned against Carla and sided with her rapist Frank, Carla forgave and took her back.

"Not to mention how good she's been to that vile Beth and Sean. Beth and Kirk couldn't afford a honeymoon so she bought them a getaway and when they didn't have a place to live she rented out Aidan's flat she owned for them.

"Izzy, Sean, Fiz she's been good to all of them and they're so ungrateful and hypocritical it makes you sick, ugh."

Imran is struggling with the death of his sister (Credit: ITV)

Someone else pointed out: "Also all the people like Imran and Kate saying that Carla is a murderer. Murder would suggest it was pre meditated which it wasn't it was an unfortunate accident."

Though a couple of people did say Carla was guilty of corporate manslaughter and had a duty of care to get the roof fixed, someone else responded that the behaviour of the factory staff has been "sadistic".

"To be fair on Carla, she did ask Gary at the time if it was dangerous and urgent and he said no, which is probably true because the roof sabotager made it collapse.

"She was also trying to get that big order done so she could get the roof fixed, which is also another reason why she tried to outsource the work, it would mean the factory lot wouldn't have been in there as much as say if they were working on machines.

"Sure it was negligent but it wasn't her fault Rana died and no way should she have to suffer the way she has since she admitted it. Some of the behaviour towards her has been outright sadistic and it's no wonder she's developed psychosis."

The factory staff shouldn't have even been in there (Credit: ITV)

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Carla is taken to the medical centre in Friday night's episode (April 12) after Peter finds her staring at the factory ruins barefoot.

She needs serious help, but fearing everyone's out to get her, she escapes out of a window and goes missing. Will anyone be able to track her down and get her the help she so desperately needs?

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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