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Monday 14th October 2019

Coronation Street SPOILER: Carla breaks down as she gets a message from 'Rana'

Her world is spiralling out of control

Carla Connor hits rock bottom next week as the pressure of the factory roof collapse becomes too much and she convinces herself that someone is following her...

As the guilt of Rana's death continues to haunt Carla next week, Peter is left worried that she is losing her grip on reality.

His fears are confirmed when the factory boss refuses to go to Aidan's grave on his birthday because she can't face seeing her family there.

Carla is stunned to get a message from Rana! (Credit: ITV)

But Peter has a plan and tells Carla that Johnny, Jenny and Kate have already been to wish Aidan a happy birthday... knowing that it's all a lie and they're planning to visit at the same time.

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Back at the Rovers later that day, Johnny raises a glass to Aidan and the family sadly celebrate his special day... but while Kate isn't happy to have her sister there, Carla's mind is elsewhere when she receives a sinister text.

A huge family argument erupts about the message (Credit: ITV)

The blood drains from her face as she reads the message, and quickly shows Peter and Michelle what she has been sent.

But when the stunned pair see that the message is apparently from Rana, no one can believe it.

Imran and Kate try to work out who could have sent the message (Credit: ITV)

Carla might still be public enemy number one, but who would send Carla a message from beyond the grave?

As an argument starts between the family about who sent the message, Johnny explains to Michelle that he thinks Carla is a woman on the edge and this message could be the final straw for his daughter.

Peter is worried when Carla hits rock bottom (Credit: ITV)

And Johnny is right, because it's not long before Peter finds Carla alone in Victoria Gardens and leads her home.

But Carla has become convinced someone is watching her, and starts to down wine to forget her problems as Peter and Ken watch on worried.

Peter is stunned when Carla gets another message from 'Rana' (Credit: ITV)

As Carla gazes into thin air, she is startled when she gets another sinister message from Rana, leaving her totally convinced that someone is targeting her. But who?

As the week goes on, Carla's world continues to crumble before her very eyes. As she struggles to hold it together, Peter is adamant that he will find out who is sending the scary messages.

But it's too little too late for Carla and as her paranoia grows she covers the webcam on her computer, convinced someone is watching her through it.

Carla is a woman on the edge and wanders outside in bare feet (Credit: ITV)

Her odd behaviour continues as the week goes on, with her scribbling words like 'watching' and 'murder' on her crossword, before throwing her tea down the sink, convinced that someone is trying to poison her.

Peter is startled to find Carla has left the house alone and finds her wandering around on the cobbles with bare feet... staring at the remains of her beloved factory.

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Realising she is seriously ill, Peter guides her straight to the medical centre to get some help.

Peter realises that Carla needs help (Credit: ITV)

While there Toyah takes her through to the consulting room immediately, but Carla is convinced it's all a trap.

As Toyah tells Peter that Carla needs to see a mental health specialist, the factory owner starts to panic and decides to do something drastic.

As Peter and Toyah are stunned to find Carla has escaped out of the window... so now not only is she a woman at breaking point, but she is also missing.

Carla goes missing - will anyone find her before it's too late? (Credit: ITV)

As Peter reports her disappearance to the police, will anyone be able to track Carla down before she does something awful?

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