Coronation Street SPOILER: Robert knocked out by Vicky’s ex Jed

Who will Vicky side with?

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Next week’s Coronation Street sees Robert Preston knocked out cold during a vicious fight with Vicky’s ex, Jed.

Soap fans have watched in horror over the last few weeks as Robert’s web of lies has become more and more complicated.

Robert’s double life was almost uncovered by Tracy Barlow (Credit: ITV)

As Robert tries to juggle his double life, viewers have seen him trying to plan a wedding with fiancee Michelle Connor, while struggling to hide the fact he is secretly having a baby with Vicky Jefferies.

And next week sees yet another twist in the drama when Robert comes to blows with Vicky’s ex – and Tyler’s dad – Jed.

After a fun day shopping together, Vicky and Robert are getting on brilliantly, but when they get home and find Jed there with Tyler, Robert sees red and the pair end up coming to blows.

Robert and Jed have never seen eye-to-eye (Credit: ITV)

As Robert tells Jed a few home truths, Jed doesn’t want to listen and punches the Bistro chef out cold, leaving him unconscious on the floor.

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Vicky is horrified and dashes to Robert’s side, but as he comes round she makes her feelings very clear… either he offers her something better, or she is moving to Ireland with Jed and Tyler.

Robert isn’t happy to see Jed is hanging around at Vicky’s (Credit: ITV)

Robert is desperate not to lose the chance to be a dad, but before he can make any grand gestures to persuade Vicky to stay the following day, he discovers she is on her way to Weatherfield and wants to talk to Michelle!

Thankfully for Robert he manages to avoid any drama and his secret stays safe for now… but that’s all about to change when he gets himself into more hot water later in the week.

Robert tells Jed some home truths (Credit: ITV)

Michelle asks Robert to take her engagement ring to be resized, but just as he’s en route to the jewellers Tyler calls and tells him that they’re about to leave for Ireland.

Robert panics and abandons his plans for the ring resizing and heads to Vicky’s instead.

But she’s not happy to see him and reveals that there’s nothing he can do to stop her leaving and that she’s fed up of being his dirty little secret.

Jed lashes out at Robert, knocking him unconscious! (Credit: ITV)

But as he leaves something happens that makes her instantly change her mind… but what has Robert done that could make her do such a U-turn on their future?

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Robert soon finds himself in deeper water than ever with the two women in his life and as his worlds continue to clash, it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to keep his secret for much longer.

Robert lies to Michelle that he is going to help at a young offenders’ unit for a few days (Credit: ITV)

But could Robert be falling for Vicky?

As his web of lies becomes more tangled, Robert fibs to Michelle that he has got to go to Stoke for a few days to help at a young offenders’ unit.

Robert agrees to spend the night at Vicky’s… is he falling for her? (Credit: ITV)

Michelle doesn’t think anything of it… but in reality he is trying to sort things out with Vicky and even agrees to stay the night with her. Is he going to get caught out?

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