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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Rick kills Gary?

Is this the end of the line for the Weatherfield builder?

Next week's Coronation Street sees Gary Windass fight for his life as Rick Neelan lures him to some abandoned woods and tries to finish the job he started a few weeks back.

But will Gary end up dead and buried in the shallow grave that Rick has already dug for him?

Rick tried to kill Gary in the Coronation Street late night episodes recently (Credit: ITV)

It wasn't that long ago that it seemed Gary's days were numbered as Rick attempted to kill him after tying him up in his office.

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But luckily for Gary he managed to escape Rick's clutches when his back was turned. However, it seems his luck might have run out next week when Gary finds himself targeted by Rick once again.

Gary managed to escape Rick's clutches, but not for long...(Credit: ITV)

The drama starts next week when Gary's ex Sarah Platt heads off for a secret rendezvous with new flame Adam Barlow.

When Gary and Bethany realise that Sarah is missing, they have no idea that she's sneaking around with Adam, and instead Gary becomes convinced that her disappearance has something to do with Rick.

Rick is determined to finish the job he started (Credit: ITV)

Tracking Sarah down to a hotel in Worsley, Gary heads off to save her... thinking that she is in terrible danger.

But when he gets to the hotel he asks the bellboy if he has seen someone who fits Sarah's description and he confirms that she was at the hotel with a dark-haired man.

Gary thinks Sarah is in danger... (Credit: ITV)

Convinced that the man must have been Rick, not realising for a second that it was Adam Barlow, Gary fears the worst and calls Rick, demanding to know where Sarah is.

But Rick uses Gary's mistake to his advantage, luring him to some abandoned woods under the pretence that he has got Sarah hostage and that Gary needs to meet him there to save her.

Gary tries to fight Rick, but he is too strong (Credit: ITV)

As Gary dashes off to rescue Sarah, he has no idea he's fallen into Rick's trap and that he's heading for certain danger.

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As he arrives, Gary follows Rick's directions and finds himself beside a freshly dug shallow grave.

Before he knows what is happening, Gary is fighting for his life as Rick tries to kill him once again.

Rick overpowers Gary... is this the end for the Weatherfield builder? (Credit: ITV)

With Rick being much stronger and better prepared, it seems Gary is fighting a losing battle as his nemesis overpowers him.

Is this the end for Gary? And will Rick get to use that grave he's been digging after all?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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