Coronation Street: How do Johnny and Scott know each other?

Johnny has been trying to avoid Scott

Coronation Street viewers were recently introduced to newcomer Scott. And it’s clear he and Johnny have a past…

Recently, Jenny told husband Johnny that they had someone staying in the B&B for a few weeks. But Johnny immediately panicked hearing it was Scott Emberton.

Johnny desperately tried to dodge him, even arranging for him and Jenny to go visit Eva and granddaughter Susie in France for the duration of Scott’s stay. But their meeting was inevitable.

In Monday’s episode (April 20) the two came face to face and Scott immediately recognised Johnny.

Johnny and Scott came face to face (Credit: ITV Hub)

As the pair shook hands, Scott asked Johnny how long it had been, leading Jenny to realise the two know each other.

In Wednesday’s episode (April 22) the pair stood in the pub’s garden and Johnny told Scott he was going abroad.

After their encounter, Johnny and Jenny headed to the airport. As he prepared to leave, Scott asked Johnny if he was going because of him.

Scott Johnny Coronation Street
How do the two men know each other? (Credit: ITV Hub)

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However, when Johnny claimed they were just going to see his granddaughter, Scott replied saying: “Good, ’cause there’s no hard feelings on my part. Okay? The past is in the past.”

Viewers have been left wondering what Johnny and Scott’s connection could be and have come up with different theories.

Johnny had an affair with Scott’s wife

Fans of the show know Johnny is no stranger to affairs.

He previously cheated on late wife Louisa with Carla’s mum, Sharon. In 2018, he had an affair with Liz McDonald behind Jenny’s back.

Could he have been involved in a love triangle with Scott?

Johnny and Scott had an affair

A popular theory is that Johnny and Scott once had a relationship or affair.

Scott is Carla’s dad?

One theory viewers had is that Scott is Carla’s biological dad and not Johnny.

With Carla being Johnny’s only child left on the cobbles, it would explain why he wants Scott gone.

One wrote: “Imagine Scott was Carla’s REAL dad, now THAT would be a twist.”

A second said: “Intrigued about Johnny’s past.”

A third added: “Intriguing… I’m very curious about Johnny’s secret! Looking forward to this story.”

Johnny did take a DNA test but that could have been flawed…

Scott is a secret relation to Johnny

Could Scott be a secret Connor? Some have predicted he could even be a long-lost son of Johnny. Err…

Johnny and Scott were involved in crime together

Others believe Scott and Johnny could have been involved in some dodgy business and Johnny owes Scott money.

What do we know about Johnny’s past?

Before his time on the cobbles, Johnny was married to a woman named Louisa, who is the mother of his kids Kate and Aidan Connor.

However Johnny had an affair with a woman named Sharon in 1974. Their affair resulted in Sharon falling pregnant with her daughter, Carla.

Carla is Johnny’s daughter (Credit: ITV)

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Eventually Louisa found out the truth. Because of what she learnt, she frantically ran into the road without looking and was run over.

She died as a result of her injuries.

But where does Scott fit into Johnny’s past?

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