Coronation Street Geoff killed Elaine?

Coronation Street: Has Geoff killed Elaine?

Elaine has mysteriously vanished

Coronation Street has showed Geoff acting very suspiciously after his ex disappeared in tonight’s episode (Monday, August 3). Has Geoff killed Elaine?

Recently Geoff’s first wife Elaine arrived on the street after hearing Geoff had abused another woman, Yasmeen.

In tonight’s visit to the cobbles, Elaine introduced herself to Sally as Tim’s mother. Hearing Elaine’s side of things, Sally encouraged her to talk to Tim.

Has Geoff killed Elaine in Coronation Street? (Credit: ITV)

But when Elaine set off to go pay her son another visit, she was confronted by her abusive ex-husband.

As the radio DJ backed Elaine into the ginnel, he warned her to keep away from the Street and Yasmeen’s case.

Elaine tried to fight back saying she was no longer scared of him. But Geoff said: “Well you should be. Because I’m not going to just stand by and let you ruin things for me here.”

He then menacingly walked towards her.

Geoff confronted Elaine (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Alya went into the Rovers and told Ryan, Jenny and Sally that she couldn’t get hold of Elaine. But Sally revealed Elaine never turned up to talk to Tim again.

Jenny also said she spotted Geoff and Elaine talking by the ginnel and it didn’t look friendly.

Has Geoff killed Elaine? (Credit: ITV)

Geoff then returned home in his car and it appeared he had Elaine’s phone. He took the sim card out of the mobile and then put it down the drain.

What has he done to Elaine?

Coronation Street: Has Geoff killed Elaine?

Coronation Street appears to be staying tight-lipped over what has happened to Elaine. But Ian Bartholomew, who plays Geoff recently hinted his alter ego will ‘stop at nothing’ to get rid of his first wife.

He said: “It is his anger that fuels him to do something about it. How dare this woman come back and ruin his life.

“He threatens her and we have to believe he will stop at nothing to get this woman, this problem, out of his life.

“She is a real problem, she knows the truth and if other people find out it is game over.”

Faye asks Geoff about his argument with the woman in the ginnel (Credit: ITV)

Later this week, Alya reports Elaine missing to the police and Faye asks Geoff who he was arguing with in the ginnel.

But Geoff says she’s a mad woman and has no idea who she is. He insists to the police that his first wife is dead.

Will Tim ever see his dad’s true colours? (Credit: ITV)

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He later tells Tim that he did confront Elaine, and told her to keep away from his family and peddle her lies elsewhere.

Clearly still team Geoff, Tim rips up Elaine’s phone number and throws it in the bin.

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