Coronation Street viewers horrified as Gemma MURDERS her babies in disturbing daydream

Gemma is suffering with post-natal depression

Coronation Street viewers were left horrified after Gemma Winter murdered her babies by pushing them in front of a bus in a disturbing daydream in last night’s episode (Wednesday, April 6).

Since the birth of her quadruplets, Gemma has been struggling with post-natal depression. Gemma’s mum, Bernie, was able to see something isn’t right and got Gemma to go to the doctors.

Gemma went to see the doctor (Credit: ITV)

Although the new mum played down her feelings and refused medication or counselling, the doctor advised she visit some support groups.

However, in last night’s episode of Corrie, it’s become clear that Gemma’s depression is getting worse.

In the episode, Gemma went to take her children to the park. But as she waited for the bus, she was clearly distracted by a daydream.

Gemma imagined pushing her babies in front of a bus (Credit: ITV Hub)

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As the bus came along, Gemma pushed the pram, with her four children in, in front of the bus.

She soon came to and it was revealed it was a daydream, but the dark scenes left viewers horrified.

This isn’t the first time Gemma has thought about hurting her babies. Recently she dreamt she put baby Aled in the washing machine and turned it on.

But when she woke up she was relieved to see him safe with Ches.

What happened next with Gemma?

After Gemma got on the bus with her kids, she soon got off again, leaving her babies on board.

If Gemma can imagine letting the buggy go like that in front of a bus then she really needs help!

Luckily Chesney saw everything from the kebab shop. He and Gemma’s brother, Paul, managed to stop the bus driver and get the babies back.

Paul and Chesney managed to get the kids back safely (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Later Chesney told Gemma about the time he left his nieces Hope and Ruby on the bus when he was struggling with PTSD.

When Ches asked why Gemma left the babies, she claimed she left her purse at the bus stop and the driver didn’t hear her tell him to wait.

Not believing her, Chesney told Gemma she needed to get help, but she said she didn’t want her babies being taken off her.

Unsure what to do next, Ches called Bernie. Will Gemma finally start to see she needs proper help?

Coronation Street’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The soap now airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm.

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