5 Soap characters who’ve got away with murder – and need to pay

These five soap characters need to face justice for what they have done

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Unlike the real world, Soapland is full of killers – especially Emmerdale.

Murders happen at a rate of knots in Weatherfield, Walford and the Dales and it makes Midsomer look positively peaceful.

But for every killer – there’s another who has escaped justice.

Here’s five characters who need to face justice for what they have done.

Kerry Wyatt needs to face justice for killing Frank in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Kerry Wyatt

Nothing annoys Emmerdale fans like the soap gods not having their justice.

Gone for 18 months, Kerry recently returned to the village – and to the place where she killed Frank Clayton.

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And she still hasn’t paid the price.

Instead she’s swanning around the place like she didn’t cause a fire that killed Frank.

She needs to pay the price – and Frank deserves justice.

Gary Windass is swanning around Weatherfield like he hasn’t killed two people (Credit: ITV)

Gary Windass

He is the villain that never really was.

Having killed Rana Habeeb on her wedding day by collapsing the factory roof on her in a botched money making scam, Gary looked to be turning into a proper villain.

He profited from her death and kept his mouth shut.

And then he brutally beat Rick Neelan to death in the woods, though technically that was more self-defence.

Taking control of Rick’s assets, Gary made himself a lot of money – but never paid the price.

No amount of helping catch other killers is going to turn the red in his ledger black.

Gary must face justice for killing Rana – and even Rick.

Gray Atkins needs to be stopped before he kills again in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Gray Atkins

When Gray’s murder spree began it was meant to be a serious issues-based storyline to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Since then he’s strangled a woman on his sofa and shoved a man in front of a tube train.

The jig is up. This is no longer a serious storyline – it’s an albatross around the show’s neck.

And much like Tina was it needs to be snuffed out.

Soap killer Janine Butcher needs to face justice for what she’s done (Credit: BBC)

Janine Butcher

One of EastEnders’ most iconic villains returned recently.

Other than manipulate her nephew into stealing cars and flirt with Mick Carter what exactly has Janine done?

She’s still not paid properly for Barry’s death, let alone everything else she’s done, including killing another husband, Michael Moon.

Time for Janine to face the soap gods.

Justice for Barry!

Meena Jutla needs to be stopped in Emmerdale – just not yet (Credit: ITV)

Meena Jutla

There is one character that needs to get caught – but just not yet.

After she rid us of Ben Tucker, the way Meena is going through the deadwood in Emmerdale will be cleared by about March.

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However let’s face it Leanna was no loss either, and Andrea had no business being a Tate.

About a dozen more murders and then someone can cotton onto the fact there’s a serial killer running around and put a stop to her.

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