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Emmerdale: Chloe and Kerry are related, viewers predict

Kerry has been working for Kerry's dad for the last year

Emmerdale viewers have a new theory that Chloe Harris and Kerry Wyatt are related.

A few months ago viewers were introduced to Chloe, who is the sister of Sarah’s heart donor, Gemma.

Chloe began a friendship with Sarah and Noah but soon stopped contact with Sarah after her nan, Charity, discovered their friendship.

However Noah secretly kept contact with Chloe and they began a secret relationship.

When Sarah wanted to visit Chloe, Charity saw she was rich and planned to break into her house with her boyfriend Mack to steal some expensive items.

Charity found out Kerry works for Chloe’s father (Credit: ITV)

However when they broke in Charity was shocked to find Chloe’s maid is Kerry Wyatt, who left the village last year.

Kerry warned them Chloe’s dad, Damon, is a dangerous man and is in prison.

Charity found out about Chloe and Noah’s secret meet ups and told him to keep away from Chloe and Kerry warned Chloe to keep away from Noah, knowing Damon wouldn’t be happy if he found out she’d been seeing him.

Noah and Chloe planned to run away but were found by Kerry.

Emmerdale: Chloe and Kerry are related, viewers predict

Noah and Chloe planned to run away together (Credit: ITV)

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Knowing Chloe didn’t want to return to a life with relative captivity, Kerry planned for her and Chloe to run away so she could escape her controlling father.

Kerry told Charity she looked out for Chloe as her father is in prison and her mother died not long after her sister.

However fans are wondering if Kerry could be related to Chloe and if that’s why she doesn’t want to leave her.

Emmerdale: Theories about Chloe

Fans have come up with a number of different theories about whose Chloe father could be.

Fans have come up with different theories about Chloe’s family (Credit: ITV)

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Some fans have a theory Pierce Harris could be her father, while others have said it could be Declan Macey.

Another theory includes that she is Jean Tate, daughter of Zoe Tate.

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