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Prince William on how his love of football scared his children: ‘Looked at me in horror’

The royal says his children were left stunned by his enthusiasm during a particularly exciting game

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Prince William says his cheering for his football team left his three children stunned.

The lifelong Aston Villa fan, 38, says he can get quite carried away when he watches a live game.

The royal hosted a FA Cup Final screening on the lawn of Sandringham House this Saturday.

Held to raise awareness for his charity , he spoke to the crowd ahead of the game.

Here he said he scared his children last Sunday during Aston Villa’s draw with West Ham.

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Prince William (with wife Kate Middleton) says his football cheering gave his children quite the shock (Credit:

Prince William’s football passion

He said: “The nerves were the worst I’ve ever known them. My children looked at me in horror as I was jumping off the sofa, screaming my head off.”

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“It’s very good news that as president of the FA I can hide away until these moments, and I’m not visibly seen because it was one of the most stressful moments of my life, as I imagine every Villa fan felt on that day.”

And while the FA cup final didn’t feature his team, but rather Arsenal vs Chelsea – he accurately predicted the outcome.

Prior to the game he predicted that Arsenal would win 2-1 – and they did just that.

Why does Prince William support Aston Villa?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton with their three children (Credit:

Although his children may have been a little put off by their dad’s football enthusiasm – they are by no means strangers to the game.

Last year William took his eldest two, George and Charlotte, to their first ever Aston Villa game.

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Prince George won legions of Aston fans after he raucously cheered as they scored a goal.

Back in 2015 William explained to BBC host Gary Lineker why he chose the team as his own.

He said: “A long time ago at school I got into football big time. I was looking around for clubs. All my friends at school were either Man United fans or Chelsea fans and I didn’t want to follow the run of the mill teams.

“I wanted to have a team that was more mid-table that could give me more emotional rollercoaster moments.

“Aston Villa’s always had a great history. I have got friends of mine who support Aston Villa and one of the first FA Cup games I went to was Bolton v Aston Villa back in 2000. Sadly, Villa went on to lose to Chelsea.

“It was fantastic, I sat with all the fans with my red beanie on, and I was sat with all the Brummie fans and had a great time.”

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