Prince Harry and Lady Colin Campbell

Prince Harry ‘lying to himself’ and ‘loves fame and fortune,’ insists Lady Colin Campbell

Lady C didn't hold back in her latest YouTube video

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Prince Harry is ‘lying to himself’ and ‘loves’ fame and fortune, Lady Colin Campbell has said.

The former I’m A Celebrity star is no stranger to offering her opinion on members of the Royal Family and has now taken aim at the Duke of Sussex.

Following Harry’s recent podcast interview, in which he appeared to make digs at Prince Charles‘ parenting, Lady C has shared her thoughts.

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Lady C claims Prince Harry is ‘lying to himself’ (Credit:

Prince Harry ‘lying to himself’, says Lady Colin Campbell

In her latest YouTube video, Lady C said she thinks Harry is ‘lying’ to himself and the public after the Duke spoke about having more freedom in America compared to the UK.

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Lady C said: “I can tell you Harry is lying to himself, if not to you, when he says the paparazzi are troubling him blah, blah, blah.

“And then he goes in the podcast to very pretentiously make out that fame is a terrible burden, being a public figure is an awful thing, that paparazzi are basically a nuisance.

Lady Colin Campbell takes aim at Prince Harry
Lady C said Harry “loves fame and fortune” (Credit: Grant Buchanan /

“Harry goes on in this podcast about the fact that you should be entitled to privacy when you’re not on the job.

“The man’s deluded, he’s an idiot.

“Harry, fame and fortune – which you are desperate  to increase – are blessings. You love them.

“Without the public, you wouldn’t have fame and fortune. You want to bat them away like they’re flies.”

Meanwhile, during his appearance on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, Harry spoke about feeling more free in the United States.

The Queen might not see Archie again
Harry admitted he feels more free living in America (Credit:

What did Harry say?

The Duke said: “Living here now I can actually lift my head and I feel different, my shoulders have dropped.

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“So have hers [Meghan Markle], you can walk around feeling a little bit more free.

“I can take Archie on the back of my bicycle, I would never have had the chance to do that.”

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