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Susanna Reid opens up about experiencing horrific ‘corona nightmares’

Dreams about "catastrophe"

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Daytime TV favourite Susanna Reid has opened up about suffering horrific nightmares during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 49, spoke about her struggles with getting enough sleep in her latest column – and revealed how her anxieties during the early days of the lockdown had her waking up in a cold sweat.

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Writing for the Daily Mail, Susanna explained that changes to her work routine in recent weeks have added the feeling of “jet lag” she experiences each morning.

What did Susanna say?

Now that she has to drive herself into the GMB studio and do her own hair and make-up, adhering to the government’s social distancing rules, Susanna has to get up an hour earlier than usual, at 3.15am.

Good Morning Britain
Susanna Reid said she has been experiencing terrifying “corona nightmares” (Credit: ITV)

And she also experienced “corona nightmares” about terrible scenarios like trying to save the life of a child.

I would often awake in a sweat.

Susanna told readers: “I’m finding this extra-early morning jolt adds to the permanent groggy feeling of jet lag I’ve had for decades. Not a moan, it’s a fact of my life.

She called sleep deprivation one of her “old friends” and said she has “been familiar with it for almost 20 years”.

Corona nightmares

“Then there’s the corona nightmares,” Susanna continued. “Early on in lockdown, I would often awake in a sweat from a dream of catastrophe such as trying desperately to save a child or a pet.

Susanna Reid
Susanna said she often has a feeling of  “jet lag” (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

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“Other people are dreaming of being attacked by swarms of bugs or engulfed by tidal waves, which experts say are metaphors for the virus.”

Susanna also used the column to talk about her sobriety. The star insisted she’s super thankful to have given up alcohol.

The presenter said she has pals who are getting through “litres of lockdown Merlot”. While booze can feel like a relaxant, she explained, it affects the quality of your sleep.

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